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This list is by no means exhaustive. But it is hoped that those who access this page will co-operate in building on this information. If you know of any one else working on subjects related to these themes, please let me know at , so that I can update the list. Similarly if you know of an academic address where this has been left blank below, please let me know. It would be particularly useful to learn of on-going doctoral research. I would welcome any comments on this page.

I am most grateful to all those who sent information in for this page. In particular I should like to thank Cécile Hochard, John Sweets and Sarah Fishman.




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The following scholars currently feature on this page (please let me know of any researchers missing from this list):

Claude d'Abzac-Epezy   Karen Adler   Martin Alexander   Eric Amyot   Claire Andrieu   Margaret Atack   Nicholas Atkin    Leora Auslander     Jean-Pierre Azéma   Alain Bancaud   Marc-Olivier Baruch   Françoise Basch    Timothy Baycroft   Alain Beltran   Jean-Marc Berlière   Perry Biddiscombe    Julien Blanc   Joel Blatt   Michel Boivin   Corinne Bonafoux-Verrax    Audrey Bonnéry    Brett Bowles     Tim Brooks     Elizabeth Brunazzi   Philippe Burrin   Luc Capdevila  Vicki Caron    Richard Carswell   Kay Chadwick  Herrick Chapman  Linda Clark-Newman   Jackie Clarke     Martyn Cornick   Vivian Curran     Christian Delage   Hanna Diamond   Nicole Dombrowski   Laurent Douzou   Vesna Drapac   Erika Dreifus   Yves Durand    Paul Dutton   Gil Emprun   Martin Evans   Donna Evleth   Sarah Farmer   Sarah Fishman   Chris Flood   Shannon Fogg    Hilary Footitt   Robert Frank   Kirrily Freeman   Hugo Frey   Robert Gildea   Richard Golsan   Sam Goodfellow   Bertram Gordon   Claire Gorrara   Jean-Marie Guillon   W. D. Halls   Stephanie Hare-Cuming   Tami Hausman   John Hellman   Nick Hewitt   Cécile Hochard      Stanley Hoffmann    Sarah Howard   Talbot Imlay     Coralie Immelé    Norman Ingram   Liora Israel   Julian Jackson   Peter Jackson   Paul Jankowski  Eric Jennings    Benjamin F. Jones   Alice Kaplan   Roderick Kedward   Mike Kelly    Sean Kennedy     Bill Kidd   Simon Kitson   Serge Klarsfeld   Andrew Knapp   Cheryl A. Koos   Megan Koreman   Pierre Laborie   Diane Labrosse   Debbie Lackerstein   Pieter Lagrou   Sébastien Laurent    Patricia Legg   Céline Lesourd   Christine Levisse-Touzé   Giacomo Lichtner   Christopher Lloyd   Lori Maguire   François Marcot   Andy Marino  Michael Marrus  Stefan Martens   Michael Martin   Neil McWilliam   Robert Mencherini   John Kim Munholland   Pascal Ory    Elana Passman   Kevin Passmore   Robert Paxton   Matthew Peaple  Chris Pearson    Emiliano Perra   Denis Peschanski   Alain Pinel     Eric Place    Miranda Pollard   Elodie Ponthieux   Renée Poznanski   Steffen Preuser   Judith Proud   Rebecca Pulju    James Quinn     Andrés Reggiani  Jean-Pierre Rioux   Alick Robertson   François Rouquet   Henry Rousso  Colin Roust   Donna Ryan  Jacqueline Sainclivier   Virginie Sansico    Paula Schwartz  Nigel Simeone   Robert Soucy   John F Sweets   Lynne Taylor   Martin Thomas   Ethel Tolansky   Joan Tumblety   Dominique Veillon   Ginette Vincendeau  Richard Vinen   Fabrice Virgili   Danièle Voldman   Jonathan Weiss   Steve Wharton   Olivier Wieviorka    Benn Williams   Nancy Wood   Nico Wouters  Limore Yagil    Robert Young   Robert Zaretsky




Claude d'Abzac-Epezy


Service Historique de l'Armée de l'Air,

Ministère de la Défense, 

Château de Vincennes, BP 110, 00481, Armées, 


Specialist on the French Air Force during the Vichy years

Claude d'Abzac-Epezy, L'armée de l'air des années noires, Vichy 1940-44, Paris, 1998


Karen Adler


University of Nottingham 


ADLER, Karen, `No Words to Say It? Women and the Expectation of Liberation' in H. R. Kedward and Nancy Wood (eds.), The Liberation of France: Image and Event (Oxford: Berg 1995)

ADLER, Karen, 'Surviving Absence:Jewishness and Femininity in Liberation France, 1944-1945' in Ruth ROACH PIERSON and Nupur CHAUDHURI (eds), 'Nation, Empire, Colony: Historicizing Gender and Race' (Bloomington: University of Indiana Press, 1998)

ADLER, Karen,`Un "Mythe Nécessaire et Sacré"? Responses to the 50th Anniversaries of Liberation', Modern and Contemporary France, vol. 3, no. 1, 1995

ADLER, Karen,`Reading National Identity: Gender and "Prostitution" during the Occupation', Modern and Contemporary France, vol. 7, no. 1, 1999

ADLER, Karen, 'Idealizing France, 1942-1948: The Place of Gender and Race', DPhil thesis, University of Sussex, 1998 (supervised by Rod Kedward)


Martin Alexander


Department of International Politics
University of Wales
SY23 3DA Wales
United Kingdom

French intelligence services and the defeat of France.


Eric Amyot


5733 Waverly

Montréal (Québec)

Canada H2T 2Y2

Tel. (515) 278-9167



Eric's  thesis (1998) focused on Vichy and Free French propaganda in Québec as well as the evolution of the French Canadian public opinion towards the Vichy regime and Free France between 1940 and 1945.

Le Québec entre Pétain et de Gaulle. Vichy, la France libre et le Canada français,1940-1945, Saint-Laurent (Québec, Canada), Fides, 1999  (The book is distributed in Europe by les Éditions du Cerf)


Claire Andrieu


Centre de Recherche d'Histoire des Mouvements Sociaux et du Syndicalisme (CRHMSS),

Centre Malher - 6e étage 
9, rue Malher
Paris 75004


Banking during the Vichy period


Claire Andrieu, La banque sous l'occupation, Paris, 1990


Margaret Atack


Department of French,

University of Leeds,
Leeds, LS2 9JT,

+44 (0) 113 233 3479
+44 (0) 113 233 3477


Film and Fiction of the German Occupation of France from 1940 to the present. Her doctorate (The Occupation in Fiction: a study of changing narrative structures 1940-1950, with special reference to the concept of 'témoignage'), supervised by Professor Annette Lavers of University College London and awarded in 1985, was published as: Literature and the French
Resistance: Cultural Politics and Narrative Forms 1940-1950 (Manchester University Press, 1989).
ATACK, Margaret, Literature and the French Resistance: Cultural Politics and Narrative Forms 1940-1950, Manchester University Press, Manchester, 1989.


Nicholas Atkin


History Department
University of Reading
Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences
Reading RG6 6AA
Tel: 0118-9318147


Twentieth-Century French history specialising in the Nazi occupation of France and the history of the French Right and Catholic Church.

Current research: 'The Forgotten French: Exiles in the British Exiles, 1940-1944'. This is a book project examining the many French communities - refugees, soldiers, sailors, Vichy consular officials, intellectuals, colonists - that resided in Britain during the war and who kept their distance from de Gaulle.

Nicholas Atkin & Frank Tallett, ed, The Right in France since 1789, Tauris, London, 1997

ATKIN (Nicholas), Pétain, Longman, London, 1998.

ATKIN (Nicholas), The French at War, 1934-44, Longman, London, 2001


Leora Auslander


Prof. Leora Auslander

1126 E. 59th Street

Chicago IL 60637



Working on the question of "Jewish" property and memory during and after Vichy, in the context of a comparative project on France and Germany in the period.


Relevant publications to date:


“Beyond Words,” American Historical Review, October, 2005.


“Coming Home? Jews in Postwar Paris,” Journal of Contemporary History Vol. 40, No. 2 (2005): 237-259.


“’Jewish Taste’? Jews, and the aesthetics of everyday life in Paris and Berlin, 1933-1942,” in Rudy Koshar, ed. Histories of Leisure (Oxford: Berg Press, 2002), pp. 299-318.


“’National Taste?’ Citizenship Law, State Form, and Everyday Aesthetics in Modern France and Germany, 1920-1940,” in Martin Daunton and Matthew Hilton, eds. Material Politics: States, Consumers, and Political Cultures. (Oxford: Berg Press, 2001).


Jean-Pierre Azéma


Institut d'études politiques (IEP),
27 rue Saint-Guillaume,
75337 Paris Cedex 07,


AZEMA (J-P) & BEDARIDA (F), (eds) 1938-1948, Les années de tourmente, dictionnaire critique, Paris, Flammarion,  1995

AZEMA (J-P) & BEDARIDA (F), (eds), La France des Années Noires, Paris, Seuil,  1993 (2 vols)

AZEMA (Jean-Pierre) & WIEVIORKA (Olivier), Les libérations de la France, Paris, La Martinière, 1993

AZEMA (Jean-Pierre) & BEDARIDA (François) [eds], Le régime de Vichy et les Français, Paris, Fayard, 1992

AZEMA (Jean-Pierre) & WIEVIORKA (Olivier), Vichy 1940-44, Paris, Perrin, 1997

AZEMA (Jean-Pierre), De Munich à la Libération, 1938-1944, Paris, Seuil,  1979.

AZEMA (Jean-Pierre), La collaboration, Paris, PUF, 1975

AZEMA (Jean-Pierre), PROST (Antoine) & RIOUX (Jean-Pierre) (eds), Le Parti communiste français des années sombres, 1938-1941, Paris, Seuil, 1986

AZEMA, (Jean-Pierre), 1940: L'Année Terrible, Paris, Seuil, 1990

REMOND (René), AZEMA (J-P) & BEDARIDA (F), Paul Touvier et l'Eglise, Paris, Fayard, 1992


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Alain Bancaud


Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent (IHTP)


59-61 rue Pouchet

75849 Paris Cedex 17



specialist on the judiciary during the occupation period


Marc-Olivier Baruch


Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent (IHTP)


59-61 rue Pouchet

75849 Paris Cedex 17



French administration during the Vichy period.

BARUCH (Marc Olivier), Le régime de Vichy, La découverte, Paris, 1996

BARUCH (Marc Olivier), Servir l'état français: l'administration en France de 1940 à 1944, Fayard, Paris, 1997


Françoise Basch


Professeur émérite Université Paris 7 


Published a biography of her grandfather Victor Basch. 


Victor Basch de l’Affaire Dreyfus au crime de la Milice, Paris Plon 1994


Timothy Baycroft


Room B8, 3 Clarkehouse Road,
Telephone: (0114) 222 2568
Telephone (international): +44 114 222 2568


Timothy Baycroft has recently completed an in-depth study of French Flanders and the Franco-Belgian border region entitled Culture, Identity and Nationalism: The French-Flemish in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which will be appearing shortly. He is currently working on a History of nation building in Modern France which aims to include the contributions of a variety of hitherto under-represented groups in narratives of the construction of French Identity, such as women, the colonies, and regional minorities. He has also recently begun a collaborative project of the translation of Sacha Guitry’s War Memoirs into English.


Alain Beltran


Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent (IHTP)


59-61 rue Pouchet

75849 Paris Cedex 17


Economic life during the occupation period


Jean-Marc Berlière


Professor of History,
Université de Dijon


Specialist of the French Police in the 19th and 20th Centuries he has devoted a number of articles and books to the subject. He is currently researching the French police between the 1930's and the 1960's


Perry Biddiscombe


Department of History
University of Victoria
P.O. Box 3045
Victoria, V8W 3P4,   British Columbia, Canada 

Currently working with the University of Toronto Press to develop a text on the Werwolf resistance movement. He is also working on projects involving the postwar Nazi underground in Germany, "White Maquis" in France, the SS-Jagdverbände, and the relationship of resistance movements to the maintenance of social order.

P Biddiscombe, The French resistance and the Chambery incident of June 1945, French History, Volume 11, Issue 4: December 1997, Pages 438-460


Joel Blatt


Associate Professor,
History department,
Stamford Campus,
One University Place
Stamford, CT 06901-2315
Telephone: (203) 251-8400


The defeat of France.
(Editor) The French Defeat of 1940: Reassessments


Julien Blanc

Currently finishing a thesis entitled 'Du côté du "réseau du musée de l'Homme"; les débuts de la Résistance en zone occupée (1940-1941)'

Michel Boivin


Maître de conférences, 

Université de Caen

Esplandade de la Paix

14032 Caen, Cedex


Tél 02 33 47 29 01

Specialist on gaullism since 1940

Thèse 3e Cycle: Le gaullisme en Basse-Normandie depuis 1939 (Caen 1981)

Thèse d'Etat: Les Manchois dans la tourmente de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, 1939-1945 (Caen)


Corinne Bonafoux-Verrax


Maître de Conférences

Université de Chambéry, 

27 rue Marcoz, BP 1104

73011, Chambéry, cedex

Specialist on Catholic movements

Thèse (nouveau régime): La Fédération Nationale Catholique, 1924-1944 (IEP Paris, 1999)



Audrey Bonnéry

Just completing a thesis entitled 'La France de la BBC, 1938-1944'

Abstract:  The purpose of this research project is to examine the BBC’s picture of Franco-British relations in Britain and abroad from the Munich crisis in September 1938 to the Liberation of Paris in August 1944. Although the thesis is informed by a keen interest in the relationship between the BBC and governmental authorities, the abundance of hitherto unexamined archival materials has prompted the decision to focus on the BBC’s presentation of France and Franco-British relations. The thesis analyses the shaping of BBC policy towards France, the influence of the British government upon BBC policy, and the representation in its programmes of relations between France and Britain. Through the examination of the BBC’s presentation of France and Franco-British relations between 1938 and 1944, some light is also shed on the British government's policy towards France during the period.


Brett Bowles


Iowa State University

300 Pearson Hall

Ames, IA 50011



Brett's research addresses the links between ideology and cinema during the 1930s and 1940s. An initial interest in Marcel Pagnol’s rural melodramas during the Popular Front years led him to investigate the political uses of non-fiction film under the Occupation. In addition to evaluate the impact of newsreels and documentaries on public opinion, he has used film production and distribution history to highlight the dynamic of conflict and compromise that lay below the surface of Franco-German state collaboration, especially from 1940 to 1942.

“The Attempted Nazification of French Cinema, 1934-1944.”  Invited chapter forthcoming in Roel Vande Winkel and David Welch, eds., Cinema and the Swastika: the International Expansion of Third-Reich Cinema (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006). 

“Jean Renoir’s Salut à la France: Documentary Film Production, Distribution, and Reception in France, 1944-45.”  Forthcoming in The Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television 26.1 (March 2006). 

La Tragédie de Mers-el-Kébir and the Politics of Filmed News in France, 1940-1944.”  In “Cultural Practices,” special issue of The Journal of Modern History 76.2 (June 2004): 347-88. 

“Newsreels, Ideology, and Public Opinion under Vichy: The Case of La France en Marche.” French Historical Studies 27.2 (Spring 2004): 419-63. 

“German Newsreel Propaganda in France, 1940-1944.”  The Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television 24.1 (March 2004): 45-67. 

“Screening les Années Noires: Using Film to Teach the Occupation.”  French Historical Studies 25.1 (Winter 2002): 21-40.


Tim Brooks


Dr Tim Brooks

Project Manager, Graduate School

University of East London

Tel: (020) 8223 2421

Fax: (020) 8223 2826



T.W. Brooks, "British Propaganda to France 1940-1944: Machinery, Method
and Message", unpublished Ph.D. thesis, University of Sheffield, 2004. 

Forthcoming with Edinburgh University Press  

(see )

Elizabeth Brunazzi


Visiting Assistant Professor, 

Department of Romance Languages
Wesleyan University,

 Middletown, Connecticut, USA

researching right-wing and left-wing women under Vichy


Philippe Burrin


Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales
132, rue de Lausanne
Case Postale 36
Ch 1211 Genève 21


No longer research active on Vichy

BURRIN (Philippe), La dérive fasciste, Doriot, Déat, Bergery, Seuil, Paris, 1986

BURRIN (Philippe), La France à l'heure allemande, Le Seuil, Paris, 1995


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Luc Capdevila


Département d'histoire,
Rennes 2,
campus Villejean,
6 avenue Gaston Berger,
CS 24 307
35043 Rennes, Cedex,


CAPDEVILA (Luc), Les Bretons au lendemain de l'Occupation, Imaginaire et comportement d'une sortie de guerre, 1944-1945, Presses Universitaires, Rennes, 1999

CAPDEVILA (Luc), La «  collaboration sentimentale  » : antipatriotisme ou sexualité hors-normes ? (Lorient mai 1945), Les Cahiers de l'IHTP, n° 31, 1995

CAPDEVILA (Luc) & Virgili (Fabrice),"Epuration et tonte des collaboratrices: un antiféminisme?" in Christine Bard (dir.), Un Siècle  d'antiféminisme, Fayard, Paris, 1999, p.255-267.

CAPDEVILA (Luc), "Le mythe du guerrier et la construction sociale d'un "éternel masculin" après la guerre", Revue Française de Psychanalyse, n°2, PUF, 1998, p.607-623.


Vicki Caron


History Department, McGraw Hall,

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-4601 

Modern Jewish History, with a specialization in Western and Central European Jewish History

Uneasy Asylum: France and the Jewish Refugee Crisis, 1933-1942 (forthcoming, Stanford University Press, December, 1999]

"The 'Jewish Question' from Dreyfus to Vichy," in French History since Napoleon, ed., Martin S. Alexander, (London: Arnold, 1999)

"The Antisemitic Revival in France in the 1930's: The Socioeconomic Dimension Reconsidered," Journal of Modern History, forthcoming, March, 1998.

Between France and Germany: The Jews of Alsace-Lorraine, 1871-1918. (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, l988).

"The Missed Opportunity: French Refugee Policy in Wartime, 1939-1940," Historical Reflections, The French Defeat of 1940: Reassessments," ed., Joel Blatt, vol. 22, No. 1, (Winter 1996), pp. 117-157. (republished in Joel Blatt, ed., The French Defeat of 1940: Reassessments," Providence, RI, Berghahn Press, 1998, pp. 126-170)

"The Politics of Frustration: French Jewry and the Refugee Crisis in the 1930's," Journal of Modern History, vol. 65, No. 2, June 1993, pp. 311-356.

"French Jewish Assimilation Reassessed: A Review of the Recent Literature," Judaism, vol. 42, No. 2, Spring 1993, pp. 134-159.

"Loyalties in Conflict: French Jewry and the Refugee Crisis, 1933-1935," Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook, vol. 36, 1991, pp. 305-337.

"The Ambivalent Legacy: The Impact of Enlightenment and Emancipation on Zionism," Judaism, vol. 38, No. 4, (Fall, 1989), pp. 502-516.

"The Social and Religious Transformation of Alsace-Lorraine Jewry, 1871-1914," Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook, vol. XXX, 1985, pp. 319-356.

"Prelude to Vichy: France and the Jewish Refugees in the Era of Appeasement," Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 20, no. 1, January, 1985, pp. 157-176.

"Patriotism or Profit? The Emigration of Alsace-Lorraine Jews to France, 1871-1872," Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook, vol. XXVI, 1983, pp. 139-168.

"The Failed Alliance: Jewish-Catholic Relations in Alsace-Lorraine, 187l-1914," co-authored with Paula Hyman, Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook, vol. XXVI, 1981, pp. 3-21

"The UGIF: The Failure of the Nazis to Establish a Judenrat on the Eastern European Model," Center for Israel and Jewish Studies, Columbia University, Working Paper I, Spring 1977.

Syllabus, "Modern Jewish History," in Gideon Shimoni, ed., Contemporary Jewish Civilization, Selected Syllabi, Markus Wiener Publishing, Inc., 1985.

Richard Carswell 


Post-graduate student

History Department
University of Reading
Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences
Reading RG6 6AA
Berkshire, UK

Doing a PHD on the British Press and France, 1940-1944 with Nick Atkin


Kay Chadwick


Department of French
University of Liverpool
Liverpool  L69 3BX
Telephone: 0151 794 2732
Fax: 0151 794 2357



Catholic collaborators and the legacy of Vichy in history, literature and film.

'Reviewing the evidence: the 'Procès posthume d'un visionnaire' by Alphonse de Châteaubriant', Modern and Contemporary France, 36 (1989),

'Collabos, revisos: même combat. The Second World War and Revisionism', Strathclyde Modern Language Studies, 9 (1989), 51-68.

'Alphonse de Châteaubriant, collaborator on (re)trial: un non-lieu individuel d'une portée nationale', French Historical Studies, 4 (1994),1057-82.

'A Broad Church: French Catholics and National-Socialist Germany', in The Right in France since 1789, ed. by Nicholas Atkin & Frank Tallett (Tauris, 1997), pp. 215-29.


Alphonse de Châteaubriant: Catholic Collaborator (Bern: Peter Lang, 2002), 327pp


Herrick Chapman


New York University, Department of History, 

53 Washington Square South, 

New York, NY 10012


Herrick is a European historian specializing in the social, economic and political history of twentieth-century France. His first book, on the French aircraft industry in the 1930s and 1940s, examined the internal social dynamics of a politically turbulent industry during the Popular Front, the war and occupation, and the challenges of postwar recovery during the early Cold War. He is now writing a book on the social and economic reconstruction of France after the Second World War with a focus on why elites and a variety of social groups came to regard state authority in new ways during the Fourth Republic. This project develops comparisons across several areas of public policy--industrial renewal, family policy, social security, immigration, and the regulation of the retail trade--where state intervention took new forms and provoked important debate. As part of this project he has published essays on the history of the French welfare state, on national identity and the postwar modernization of France, and on the Liberation of 1944 as a moment in state making. He also has an abiding interesting in comparative history, especially in work that examines France in a broader European and trans-Atlantic perspective. He is the Editor of French Politics, Culture & Society, an interdisciplinary journal sponsored by NYU’s Institute of French Studies and Harvard’s Minda de Gunzburg Center for European History.

Linda Clark-Newman


History Department
McComsey Hall
P.O. Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551 

L L Clark, Higher-ranking women civil servants and the Vichy regime: firings and hirings, collaboration and resistance, French History, Volume 13, Issue 3, September 1999, pp. 332-359


Jackie Clarke


School of Modern Languages

University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ
Telephone: +44 (0)1703 594543


Research interests: Jackie's research interests lie mainly in the cultural history of twentieth-century France and her current work focuses particularly on the period from 1930 to 1944. She completed a DPhil thesis called 'The Search for Joy in Work: Rationalisation and Cultural Crisis in France in the 1930s' (supervised by Rod Kedward, University of Sussex).


Martyn Cornick


Dept of French Studies
University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT
0121 414 5965/5991 fax 5966


Vichy-related research areas: Propaganda, the BBC and Occupied France; the Secret Services; Intellectual History.

Relevant sections in Cornick, M. (with Morris, P.), The French Secret Services (Oxford: Clio Press, 1993). ISBN 1-85109-146-7

Cornick, M., 'The rôle of the BBC European Intelligence Department in the Propaganda War against occupied France', in J. Gotovitch (et. al. eds.), La Résistance et les Européens du Nord (Bruxelles: Centre de recherches et d'études historiques de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, 1994), vol. 1, 86-96.

Cornick, M., 'Resister and Knight of the Round Table: Jean Paulhan at the Liberation', chapter in H. R. Kedward and Nancy Wood (eds.), The Liberation of France: image and event (Berg, 1995), 183-196.

Cornick, M., 'Fighting myth with reality: the Fall of France, Anglophobia and the BBC', chapter in  V. Holman (ed), France at war: metaphor, myth and propaganda, Berghahn Books [forthcoming].

Cornick, M., 'The Fall of France 1940-Bibliographical Essay', in special number of Modern and Contemporary France, no. 42 (July 1990), 37-44.

Cornick, M., 'The BBC and the propaganda war against occupied France: the work of  Émile Delavenay and the European Intelligence Department', French History (September 1994), 316-354.

Cornick, M., 'Living memory: French intellectuals and the experience of phoney war, 1939-1940', Journal of European Studies, vol. xxvii (October 1997), 261-80.

Vivian Curran


Vivian Grosswald Curran

Professor of Law

University of Pittsburgh 


"The Legalization of Racism in a Constitutional State: Democracy's Suicide in Vichy France," 50 Hastings Law Journal 1 (1998).


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Christian Delage


Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent (IHTP)


59-61 rue Pouchet

75849 Paris Cedex 17



Hanna Diamond


Department of European Studies and Modern Languages
University of Bath
Bath, BA2 7AY
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1225 826826 ext3975
Fax: +44 1225 826099

Women in France during and after the German Occupation. Now working on mining communities. 


Nicole Dombrowski


History Department
Towson University
8000 York Road
Towson, Maryland 21252 


Specialist on the 1940 exodus
Beyond the battlefield: the French civilian exodus of 1940, Phd, New York University, 1995

Women and War in the Twentieth Century: Enlisted With or Without Consent, Garland Publishing, 1999

Laurent Douzou


Université Lumière Lyon 2
Tel : +33 (0)4 72 72 65 12


Specialist on the Libération-sud movement. Has also compiled an excellent CD-Rom on the Resistance.
DOUZOU, (Laurent), La désobéissance: histoire d’un mouvement et d’un journal clandestins: Libération Sud (1940-1943), Odile Jacob, Paris, 1995
On-line version of article on women and the Resistance:


Vesna Drapac


Dr Vesna Drapac, 

Department of History, 

University of Adelaide,

S.A., 5005, Australia. 


Ph: (08) 8303 5611 

Fax: (08) 83033443

War and Religion: Catholics in the Churches of Occupied Paris (Washington DC: Catholic University of America Press,1998).


Erika Dreifus


Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies
Adolphus Busch Hall
27 Kirkland St. at Cabot Way
Cambridge MA 02138 

Erika Dreifus did her Ph.D. degree at Harvard.  Her dissertation, "Double Games and Golden Prisons: Vichy, Washington, and Diplomatic Internment during World War II" examines a little-known episode in Franco-American diplomacy 1942-44.


Yves Durand


17, rue de Champ Saint-Eurverte
45000 Orléans

La Celle-sous-Gouzon
23230 Gouzon
DURAND (Yves), La France dans la deuxième guerre mondiale, Armand Colin 'Cursus', Paris, 1993


Paul Dutton


Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona 

P V Dutton, French versus German approaches to family welfare in Lorraine, 1918-1940, French History, Volume 13, Issue 4, December 1999, pp. 439-463


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Gil Emprun


Martin Evans


School of languages and area studies,
University of Portsmouth,
Park Building,
P01 2DZ
Martin's interest is in the memory of Vichy and the relationship with the Algerian War 1954-62.
EVANS, Martin, Memory of Resistance - French Opposition to the Algerian War 1954-62, Berg, Oxford, 1997.


Donna Evleth


5, rue J.-F. Gerbillon,
75006 Paris, France


Donna has written two bibliographies related to Vichy. She is currently working in the area of medicine.She has already published two articles in SOCIAL HISTORY OF MEDICINE, "Vichy France and the Continuity of Medical Nationalism" in 1995 and "The 'Romanian Privilege' in French Medicine and Anti-Semitism" in 1998.  She is continuing research in the medical area, an important area since the Ordre des Medecins, which still exists, was founded under Vichy.
EVLETH (Donna), France under German Occupation, 1940-1944, A bibliography, Greenwood, Westport, Conn.1991
EVLETH, (Donna), The Authorized Press in Vichy and German-Occupied France, 1940-1944: A Bibliography, Greenwood Press. Westport, Conn. 1999.


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Sarah Farmer


Department of History
University of California,

200 Murray Krieger Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-3275


Oradour: Arrêt sur mémoire, Calmann-Lévy, 1994, 

English version: 

Martyred Village: Commemorating the 1944 Massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane,  University of California Press (Berkeley), 1999. 


"Out of the Picture: Foreign Labor in Wartime France" in FISHMAN (Sarah), et. al., France at War: Vichy and the Historians, Berg, Oxford, 2000


Sarah Fishman


Associate Professor,
Department of History,
University of Houston,
TX77204-3785, USA
Tel: 713-743-3098


Wives of French Prisoners of War. Juvenile delinquents during the Second World war in France.

FISHMAN (Sarah), We will wait: wives of French Prisoners of War, Yale UP, New Haven, 1991.

FISHMAN, (S) Femmes de prisonniers de guerre, 1940-45, L'Harmattan, Paris, 1996


FISHMAN (Sarah), et. al., France at War: Vichy and the Historians, Berg, Oxford, 2000


Chris Flood


Professor Christopher G. Flood

Head of European Studies

School of Language, Law and International Studies

University of Surrey


Surrey GU2 7XH

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1483 682850 (direct line)

Fax: +44 (0) 1483 686201 

Specialist on questions of Vichy and memory

Chris FLOOD, "Extreme Right-Wing perspectives on the Touvier and Papon Trials", in R. Golsan (ed.) The Trial of Maurice Papon: Perspectives and Interpretations (New York: Routledge, 2000), 73-95.

Chris FLOOD, "Pétain and De Gaulle: Making the Meanings of the Occupation", in V. Holman and D. Kelly (eds) France at War in the Twentieth Century: Myth, Metaphor and Propaganda (Oxford: Berghahn, 2000), 88-110.

Chris FLOOD, with Hugo FREY "History Writing: From the Annales to the Institut d’Histoire du Temps Présent", in Flood and Hewlett, 56-75.

Chris FLOOD, with Hugo FREY "Extreme Right-Wing Responses to Charles De Gaulle’s Mémoires de guerre: A Scene from the French Civil War", South Central Review, 17.4, (2000), 72-83.

Chris FLOOD, with Hugo FREY, "The Vichy Syndrome Revisited", Contemporary French Civilization, 19.2 (1995), 231-249.

Chris FLOOD, "André Labarthe and Raymond Aron: Political Myth and Ideology in La France libre", in C. Flood and R. Golsan (eds), The Occupation of France, 1940-1944: Intellectual and Cultural Responses, special double issue of The Journal of European Studies, 23.1/2 (1993), 139-158.

Chris FLOOD, "Theatrical Triumph and Political Ambiguity: Le Soulier de satin at the Comédie-Française in 1943-1944", French Cultural Studies, 3.1 (1992), 17-30.

Chris FLOOD, "Paul Claudel and Charles Maurras: (2) Old Scores, New Scores", Claudel Studies, 18.2 (1991), 4-22.

Chris FLOOD, Political Myth: A Theoretical Introduction (New York: Garland/Routledge, 1996/2002), pages 195-234 feature a case study of De Gaulle’s Discours de Bayeux


Shannon Fogg


Assistant Professor of History

122 Humanities-Social Sciences

Department of History and Political Science

University of Missouri-Rolla

Rolla, MO 65401, USA 


"Refugees and Indifference: The Effects of Shortages on Attitudes towards Jews in France's Limousin Region." Holocaust and Genocide Studies. (Forthcoming).


Hilary Footitt


Faculty of Arts
Pathfoot Building
University of Stirling


Research interests: Liberation and the Allies. Women and Politics in the Provisional Period


War and Liberation in France:living with the Liberators, Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.ISBN 1-4039-0284-4


The Politics of Liberation: France, 1943-1945 (with J.C. Simmonds), Leicester University Press, 1988



Chapters in books:
'Liberating France without the French' in ed. W.Kidd, B.Murdoch, Memory and Memorials. the commemorative century, Ashgate, 2004. ISBN 0 754607356

'Meeting Private Ryan: a Franco-American Liberation Community' in ed.H. Diamond, S. Kitson, Vichy, Resistance, Liberation. New Perspectives on Wartime France, Oxford, Berg, 2005 ISBN 139781859737229.

'The first women députés: les 33 Glorieuses?' in The Liberation of France, Image and Event. ed. H.R. Kedward & Nancy Wood. Oxford, Berg, June 1995

'France' in The Civilian in War: The home front in Europe, Japan and the USA in World War two, ed. Jeremy Noakes, Exeter, Exeter U.P. 1992

'The Politics of Liberation: France 1943-45' in War & Society in Twentieth Century France, ed. Michael Scriven & Peter Wagstaff, Oxford, Berg, 1991

'Destroying the myths of Débacle in France 1940' in Literary and historical reactions to defeat, ed. Antony Pugh, Durham University Press, 1992.




'Visual Ethnography and the Liberation of France' in Stirling French Publications, no.10 Stirling, 2004, ISBN 1 857691946


Robert Frank


Institut Pierre Renouvin 

1, rue Victor Cousin,
75 231 Paris Cedex 05




Kirrily Freeman


Assistant Professor

Department of History

St Mary’s University,

923 Robie Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 3C3


Kirrily completed her Ph.D. at the University of Waterloo in 2004.  She is currently preparing a book manuscript entitled "The Battle for Bronzes:  Vichy and the Destruction of French Public Statuary" about the melting of art for armaments in World War Two France. 


Hugo Frey


Dr Hugo Frey

Lecturer in History

University College Chichester



the extreme right-wing from Vichy to the present; Vichy historiography published under the Fourth Republic; and Issues of Visual Memory in France with special reference to film /and BD.
Selected publications include:

1.  Representations of the Second World War: Ideological Currents in French History-Writing under the Fourth Republic, PhD (Surrey), 1998.

2. "The Vichy Syndrome Revisited", [co-author with C.Flood], Contemporary French Civilization, 19.2 (1995), 231-249.

3. "Rebuilding France: Gaullist Historiography, the Rise-Fall Myth and French Identity (1945-1958)", in Stefan Berger, Mark Donovan and Kevin Passmore (eds), Writing National Histories: Western Europe since 1800(London: Routledge, 1999), 205-216.

4. "Historical Memory and the Boundaries of European Integration", in Noel Parker and William Armstrong (eds), Margins in European Integration (Basingstoke: MacMillan, 2000), 230-246.

5. "History Writing: From the Annales to the Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent", [co-author with C.Flood], in Christopher Flood and Nick Hewlett(eds), Currents in Contemporary French Intellectual Life (Basingstoke:MacMillan, 2000), 56-75.

6. "Extreme Right-Wing Reactions to Charles de Gaulle's Mémoires de guerre: A Scene from the French Civil War", [co-author with C.Flood], South Central Review. The Journal of the South Central Modern Language Association, 17.4 (Winter 2000), 72-83.


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Robert Gildea


Merton College,
Oxford University, UK
Phone  01865 276322 

fax 01865 286500


Robert is currently working on the French local community and the German Occupation with special reference to the Loire valley (Nantes, Angers, Tours).


Richard Golsan


Modern Languages
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas
departmental web-site: 


Sam Goodfellow


Westminster College
Fulton, MO.  65251


Sam's master's thesis compared the Nazi Reichsarbeitdienst with the Chantiers de la Jeunesse. His particular interest is on Alsace-Lorraine during the Nazi occupation.


Bertram Gordon


Department of History,
Mills College
Oakland, California,
94613, USA
Phone: 510.430.2160; Fax: 510.430.2304


Specialist on many aspects of the occupation period and in particular collaborationism.

Bertram M. Gordon, "Club Méditeranée," "Collaboration," "Colonies de Vacances," "Cuisine--Food," "Maginot Line," and "Vichy Regime," to be published in Michael Kelly, ed., French Culture and Society: A Glossary_ (London: Arnold Publishers, 2001).


Bertram M. Gordon, "French Cultural Tourism and the Vichy Problem," to be published in Shelley Baranowski and Ellen Furlough, eds., The Development of Mass Tourism: Politics, Practices, and Identities in 19th and 20th Century Europe and North America (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2000).


Bertram M. Gordon, "De Gaulle, Yvonne (1900-1979)," in Anne Commire, ed., Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia (Waterford, Connecticut: Yorkin Publications, 1999), 4: 444-450.


Bertram M. Gordon, "The Countryside and the City: Some Notes on the Collaboration Model during the Vichy Period," in Sarah Fishman, et. al., France at War: Vichy and the Historians (Oxford: Berg, 2000), 145-160.


Bertram M. Gordon, "El papel de España en la derrota de la Alemania nazi durante la Segunda Guerra," to be published in Spanish in Studia Historica/Studia Contemporanea, 2000.


Bertram M. Gordon, "World War II France Half a Century After: In Historical Perspective," in Richard J. Golsan, ed., Fascism's Return: Scandal, Revision, and Ideology (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1998), 152-181.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Right Wing Historiographical Models in France from World War I through World War II," in Stefan Berger, Mark Donovan, and Kevin Passmore, eds., Writing National Histories: Western Europe Since 1800 (London:Routledge, 1998), 163-175.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Warfare and Tourism: Paris in World War II," Annals of Tourism Research, 25:3 (July 1998), 616-638.


Bertram M. Gordon (Editor), Historical Dictionary of World War II France: The Occupation, Vichy and the Resistance, 1938-1946, Greenwood Press, 1997.


Bertram M. Gordon, "World War II France Half a Century After: In Historical Perspective,"  in Richard J. Golsan, ed., Fascism's Return: Scandal, Revision, and Ideology (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1997).

Bertram M. Gordon, "Afterward: Who Are The Guilty and Should They Be Tried?" in Richard J. Golsan, ed., Memory, the Holocaust, and French Justice (Hanover, New Hampshire: University Press of New England, 1996), 179-198.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Ist Gott Franzosisch? Germans, Tourism, and Occupied France, 1940-1944," Modern and Contemporary France, NS4:3 (1996), 287-298.


Bertram M. Gordon, "The 'Vichy Syndrome' Problem in History," French Historical Studies, 19:2 (Fall 1995), 495-518.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Collaboration, Retribution, and Crimes against Humanity: the Touvier, Bousquet, and Papon Affairs," Contemporary French Civilization, 19:2 (Summer/Fall 1995), 250-274.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Pierre Laval," in Arnold Blumberg, ed., Great Leaders, Great Tyrants: Contemporary Views of World Rulers Who Made History (Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1995), 146-151.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970) Leader of the French Resistance against Nazi Germany," in Anne Commire and Deborah Klezmer, eds., Historic World Leaders (Detroit: Gale Research Inc., 1994), II, 482-487.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Henri-Philippe Petain (1856-1951) Leader of France's Successful Defense against Germany at the Battle of Verdun in World War I," in Anne Commire and Deborah Klezmer, eds., Historic World Leaders (Detroit: Gale Research Inc., 1994), III, 1066-1071.


Bertram M. Gordon, "The Morphology of the Collaborator: The French Case," Journal of European Studies, 23 (parts 1 and 2): 89 and 90 (March-June 1993), 1-25.


Bertram M. Gordon, "The Formation of de Gaulle's Political Philosophy: Legacies of the Belle epoque," Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques, 19:1 (Winter 1993), 63-80.


Bertram M. Gordon, "L'Etat dans la vie et l'oeuvre du general de Gaulle," L'Espoir, 91 (March 1993), 21-28.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Charles de Gaulle," in Frank W. Thackeray and John E. Findling, eds. Statesmen Who Changed the World: A Bio-Bibliographical Dictionary of Diplomacy (Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1993), 157-168.


Bertram M. Gordon, "De Gaulle et l'Etat, Exposé," in Institut Charles de Gaulle, De Gaulle en son siecle (Paris: La Documentation française - Plon, 1992), II, 30-34.


Bertram M. Gordon, "National Movements and the French Revolution: The Justification of the French Revolution in Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and Vichy France," in Bicentenaire de la Révolution française 1789-1989. L'Image de la Révolution française (Paris: Pergamon Press, 1989), III, 1662-1670.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Revolution in the Rhetoric of Fascism," Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Western Society for French History (Auburn, Alabama: Auburn University Press, 1989), 348-357.

Bertram M. Gordon, "Charles de Gaulle: A Historical Retrospective," Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Western Society for French History (Flagstaff, Arizona: Northern Arizona University Press, 1986), 240-250.
Bertram M. Gordon, Collaborationism in France during the Second World War. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 1980.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Un soldat du fascisme: l'évolution politique de Joseph Darnand," Revue d'histoire de la deuxième guerre mondiale, 27:108 (October, 1977), 43-70.


Bertram M. Gordon, "The Condottieri of the Collaboration: Mouvement Social Révolutionnaire," Journal of Contemporary History, 10:2 (April, 1975), 261-282.


Bertram M. Gordon, "Fascists and Fissures: The Complex History of the Paris Collaboration," in Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the Western Society for French History (Las Cruces, New Mexico: Western Society for French History, 1974, 391-410.


Claire Gorrara


School of European Studies,
University of Cardiff
PO Box 908
Cardiff CF1 3YQ
Tel: 01222 874955
Fax: 01222 874946
departmental web-page:


Claire has worked on various aspects of the occupation. Research has focused particularly on women and the occupation.
Work in progress: `Historiography, gender and l'affaire Aubrac in 1990s
France' with H Diamond

Claire Gorrara, Women's representations of the Occupation in post-68 France (Macmillan,1998)

H Peitsch, C Burdett, C Gorrara (eds), European Memories of the Second World War,  (Berghahn, 1999)

Special issue of Modern and Contemporary France 7/1 (Feb 1999) co-edited
with H Diamond, `Gendering the Occupation'.

`Writing and memory: The Occupation and the construction of the self in
1980s French literature', Modern and Contemporary France (1997) 5/1, 35-45


Jean-Marie Guillon


Université de Provence,
Avenue Schumann,
University web-page:


GUILLON (Jean-Marie) & BUTON (Philippe), (eds), Les pouvoirs en France à la Libération, Belin, Paris, 1994

GUILLON (Jean-Marie) & LABORIE (Pierre), Mémoire et Histoire: la résistance, Privat, Toulouse, 1995

GUILLON (Jean-Marie), Le Var, la guerre, la résistance, 1939-45, Imprim. Hemisud, Le Revest, 1994.


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W. D. Halls


74 Hurst Rise Road
Cumnor Rise Heights
Oxford, OS2 9HH


He is at present working on the pre-1914 origins of the Revolution Nationale as part of a wider study provisionally entitled France and Anti-France.


Politics, Society and Christianity in Vichy France, Berg, Oxford/Providence, 1995.

The Youth of Vichy France, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1981.

(Fr. translation, Les jeunes et la politique de Vichy, Syros, Paris, 1988.)


Contributions on various aspects of the Vichy period to the following


France at War (ed. Sarah Fishman et al.), Berg, Oxford/New York, 2000.

Vichy France and the Resistance. Culture and Ideology (eds. R. Kedward,

R. Austin), Croom Helm,1985.

Collaboration in France (eds. G. Hirschfeld and P. Marsh, Berg, Oxford/New York/Munich, 1989. (Ge. Translation, Kolloboration in Frankreich,

Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt/Main,1991)

Papers and review articles have also appeared in various journals.


Stephanie Hare-Cuming


International History Department

London School of Economics and Political Science

Houghton Street

London WC2A 2AE, UK



Stephanie is writing a PhD that considers the career of Maurice Papon from 1945-1962 in order to examine the role of the French administration in the Algerian War. She is also the webmaster of Archives Made Easy (


Master's dissertation at the LSE: 'The French press: conservatism, change and the trial of Maurice Papon'

"Maurice Papon, Vichy and Algeria", interview on the University of Portsmouth website, 


Tami Hausman


Institute of Fine Arts, 
New York University, 
New York, NY


dissertation on architecture and planning during Vichy


John Hellman


Professor of History
Leacock Building #510
McGill University
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada  H3A 2T7
departmental web-page:


John has written various things on Vichy including the recent book The Knight-Monks of Vichy France, Uriage, 1940-1945.
John Hellman, The Knight-Monks of Vichy France, Uriage, 1940-1945,  McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal/London,1993


Nick Hewitt


Department of French
The University of Nottingham,
University Park,
Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK
Telephone (0115) 951 5874
departmental web-page:


Research interests: Cultural history of the Third and Fourth Republics and the Occupation

Henri Troyat (1984),

The Golden Ages of Louis-Ferdinand Céline (1987),
The Life of Céline (1999).


Cécile Hochard


doctoral thesis on the lycées of the Seine and Seine et Oise, 1938-1947 at the Université de Paris-7, Jussieu, completed Autumn 2001

HOCHARD, Cécile, "Souvenirs de Mme V., élève au lycée Fénelon pendant la seconde guerre mondiale, texte présenté par Cécile Hochard", Clio, n°4, 1996

HOCHARD, Cécile, "Le lycée Fénelon, 1939-1945", Maîtrise (histoire) Université Paris-7, 1993, (sous la direction de Michelle Perrot).


Stanley Hoffmann


Center for European Studies
Harvard University
27 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


Decline or Renewal? France since the Thirties (Viking,1974)


Sarah Howard


Research Fellow, 

Christ's College, 

Cambridge University,


Sarah works on twentieth century French history with a particular interest in social and cultural aspects of the period. Her previous research examined representations of alcohol and wine in interwar France and this is the subject of her forthcoming book: À consommer sans modération: Les images d'alcool en France entre 1915 et 1942, to be published by CNRS Editions in Paris.


S.F. Howard, 'Changing images of alcohol in France, 1915-42'. Cambridge Ph.D. 2003


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Talbot Imlay


Département d'histoire
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck
Université Laval

Cité universitaire

Québec, Québec

G1K 7P4

Tel: (418) 656-3603 poste 2771 


Imlay, Talbot, Confronting War: Strategy, Domestic Politics and the Political Economy in France and Britain before and during World War II. Forthcoming


Imlay, Talbot and Monica Toft, éd., The Fog of Peace: Strategic and Military Planning in Peacetime. Forthcoming


Imlay, Talbot. "Retreat or Resistance: Strategic Reappraisal and the Crisis of French Power in Eastern Europe, September 1938 to August 1939" in Kenneth Mouré and Martin Alexander, eds, France Since the First World War: Crisis and Renewal (New York: Berghahn Books, Forthcoming).


Imlay, Talbot, "The Paris Connection: Britain, France and the Making of the Anglo-French Alliance, 1938-1939" in William Philpott and Martin Alexander, ed., Anglo-French Relations between the Wars, 1919-1940 (London: Macmillan, Forthcoming).


Imlay, Talbot and Paul Kennedy, "Appeasement" in Gordon Martel, ed., The Origins of the Second World War Reconsidered. London, Unwin Hyman, 2e ed., 1999.


Imlay, Talbot, "France and the Phony Way" in Robert Boyce, ed., The Decline and Fall of a Great Power: French Foreign Policy and Defence Policy, 1918-1940. London: Routledge, 1998, pp. 261-82.


Imlay, Talbot, "Anglo-French Intelligence and Strategy during the Phony War" in Intelligence and National Security, vol. 13, no. 4, 1998, pp. 107-32.


Coralie Immelé 
Coralie is a Ph. D. Student in Lyons University (France) under the supervision of Laurent Douzou and is studying the history of the French railways workers Resistance during the second world war and its memory from the 1940's to the 1990's. 


Norman Ingram


Department of History
Concordia University in Montreal,
Quebec, Canada
tel: 848 2436


Norman is a specialist in the history of modern France and of peace movements. He is continuing  work on a book dealing with the penetration of pacifist ideas in French society from 1914-1945.

INGRAM, Norman, 'Nous allons vers les monastères': French Pacifism and the Crisis of the Second World War' in Martin S. Alexander and Kenneth Mouré, eds., Crisis and Renewal in Twentieth Century France (Oxford: Berghahn Books, under contract)

INGRAM, Norman, 'Ambivalence in the Post-World War II French Peace Movement' in Harvey L.Dyck, ed., The Pacifist Impulse in Historical Perspective (Toronto:University of Toronto Press, 1996), pp. 397-412 (deals with the post-war peace movement, but inevitably also with the fall-out from Vichy)

INGRAM, Norman,'Pacifism and the Liberation' in Roderick Kedward and Nancy Wood, eds., The Liberation of France: Image and Event  (Oxford: Berg Publishers, 1995), pp.209-23.


Liora Israel


Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan
Département de Sciences Sociales
61, avenue du Président Wilson
94 235 Cachan Cedex
Tél.: +33 (0)1 47 40 59 64
Fax: +33 (0)1 47 40 24 69 


Resistance within the magistrature

Liora Israel, Robes noires, années sombres : Avocats et magistrats en résistance pendant le Seconde Guerre mondiale, Paris, Fayard, 2005


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Julian Jackson


Department of History, 

Queen Mary College, 

University of London, 

Mile End Road, 

London E1 4NS, UK. 


Julian has recently completed a history of the Occupation for Oxford
University Press synthesising the history of the Vichy regime, Resistance and the history of daily life into an overall account of the period. 

He is also interested in the Vichy career of the economist François Perroux.


France, the dark years, 1940-44 (OUP, Oxford, 2001)

The Fall of France (OUP, Oxford, 2003)


Peter Jackson


Department of International Politics, 

University of Wales, 


Ceredigion  SY23 3DA, 

United Kingdom, 

Telephone: 44 (0)1970 621 771

 fax: 44 (0)1970 622 709



Peter is a specialist on the end of the Third Republic and in particular on the inter-relationship between intelligence and policy making. His thesis which was published in 2000 concerned French  responses to the growing threat posed by Nazi German in the period from 1933 onwards
Peter Jackson, France and the Nazi Menace, OUP, Oxford, 2000


Paul Jankowski


History Department
Brandeis University,
MA 02454-9110
University web-site:


Simon Sabiani and the PPF. No longer research active in this area.
JANKOWSKI (Paul), Communism and Collaboration. Simon Sabiani and politics in Marseille, 1919-1944, Yale University Press, London, 1989.


Eric Jennings


Associate Professor

History Department

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario



Specialist on the French Empire. 


Eric T. Jennings, Vichy in the Tropics: Pétain's National Revolution in

Madagascar, Guadeloupe and Indochina, 1940-1944. (Stanford: Stanford

University Press, 2001) paperback, January 2004.


Traduction française:

Eric Jennings, Vichy sous les Tropiques: La Révolution nationale à

Madagascar, en Guadeloupe, en Indochine, 1940-1944 (Paris: Grasset, 2004).


Eric Jennings and Jacques Cantier, eds., L¹Empire colonial sous Vichy. (Paris: Odile Jacob, 2004).



Benjamin F. Jones


3001 Wescoe Hall
University of Kansas
Lawrence,  Kansas

Fax: (913) 864-5046


Graduate Student advised by Prof John Sweets- dissertation, in progress, is on the Jedburghs and the Allied support to Free France.



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Alice Kaplan


Lehrman Professor of Romance Studies and Professor of Literature and History 

Program in Literature, 109 Art Museum, 

Duke University, Durham, NC 27708



A well received book on Robert Brasillach, The Collaborator, has now been followed by The Interpretor, a book about Louis Guilloux, who served as an interpreter for the U.S. army at the liberation of Brittany in the summer of 1944. The main setting is the Liberation, but Vichy is an important part of the backdrop.


Alice Kaplan, The Collaborator: The Trial and Execution of Robert Brasillach. Chicago: University of Chicago, 2000. xvi + 308pp. Notes and index. $25.00 (cl). ISBN 0-226-42414-6.

Alice Kaplan, The Interpreter. New York, Free Press/Simon and Schuster, 2005 (forthcoming in French translation at Gallimard, title to come)


Alice has also translated two books related to the period: 

Roger Grenier, Another November, (trans. Alice Kaplan) Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

Louis Guillloux, OK, Joe (trans with a preface by Alice Kaplan). Chicago: University of Chicago Press



Roderick Kedward


Emeritus Professor of History,

University of Sussex
School of European Studies
Arts Building
Falmer, Brighton



All aspects of the French Resistance. Particularly interested in the structures and motivations of the Resistance and the Maquis. Current research for a volume on 'Structures of the Resistance'

KEDWARD (H R) & AUSTIN (R), Vichy France & the Resistance: Culture & Ideology, Croom Helm, 1995

KEDWARD (H R), In search of the Maquis, OUP, Oxford, 1993

 KEDWARD (H R), A la recherche du maquis, Editions du Cerf, Paris, 1999

KEDWARD (H R), Naissance de la Résistance dans la France de Vichy, Champ Vallon, Seyssel, 1991

KEDWARD (H R), Resistance in Vichy France, OUP, Oxford, 1978

KEDWARD (H.R.) & WOOD (Nancy), The Liberation of France. Image and Event, Berg, Oxford, 1995.

KEDWARD (H.R.), Occupied France. Collaboration and resistance, Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1985


Mike Kelly


School of Modern Languages
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ
Tel: +44 1703 592191
Fax: +44 1703 593288


Thirteen entries in Bertram M. Gordon (ed), A Historical Dictionary of World War II France, Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1998.
(Entries on Jacques Chevalier, Front national, Francs-tireurs et partisans français, German propaganda in France, André Marty, Daniel Mayer, Mouvement de Libération Nationale, Mouvements Unis de la Résistance, Otto Lists, Clandestine Press, Switzerland, Pierre-Henri Teitgen, Universities.)

“Revolution, Renaissance, Redressement: Representations of Historical Change in Post-war France", in Reconstructing the past: Representations of the Fascist Era in Postwar European Culture, edited by Graham Bartram, Maurice Slawinski, and David Steel, Keele University Press, 1996, 32-48.

"Catholic Cultural Policy from 1944 to 1950: Bande dessinée and Cinema", in France and the Mass Media, edited by Brian Rigby and Nicholas Hewitt (Macmillan, 1991), pp. 20-36.

"The View of Collaboration during the 'Après-guerre'", in Gerhard Hirschfeld and Patrick Marsh (editors), The Collaboration in France, London, Berg, 1989, 239-251. Translated into German as `Das Gespenst der Kollaboration im "après-guerre"', in Kollaboration in Frankreich: Politik,Wirstschaft und Kultur während der nationalsozialistischen Besatzung, herausgegeben von Gerhard Hirschfeld und Patrick Marsh, (Frankfurt, S. Fischer Verlag, 1991), pp. 252-265.


"French Catholic Intellectuals during the Occupation", Journal of European Studies, xxiii (1993), 179-191.


Sean Kennedy


Department of History

University of New Brunswick in Fredericton 


Sean's research is concerned with the rise of authoritarian nationalism in France in the 1930s and 1940s, specifically the Croix de Feu, which was the largest of several extreme right-wing movements active during the interwar years. He is also working on the role of intellectuals -- specifically of André Siegfried -- in articulating concepts of French national identity in the twentieth century. He has published an article on the Croix de Feu and aviation in French Historical Studies, and another article in French History. He has completed book reviews for H-France (H-Net Reviews), The Canadian Journal of History, Social History, Histoire Sociale/Social History, and Left History. He has also presented papers at conferences in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, including the "Peace in Our Time? The End of the Second World War and the Beginning of the Cold War" Conference (Ottawa, 1996), the "World War Two: A Dual Perspective" Conference (Loudonville, NY, 1996), the "Politics and Culture in the French Third Republic" Conference (Ann Arbor, MI., 1997), the annual conference of the Society for the Study of French History (Sheffield, UK, 2000), and the 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001 meetings of the Society for French Historical Studies (Ottawa, Washington, DC, Scottsdale, AZ., and Chapel Hill, NC).

Sean Kennedy,  Accompanying the Marshal: La Rocque and the Progrès Social Français under Vichy, French History, Volume 15, Issue 2: June 2001, pp. 186-213.


Bill Kidd


French department
University of Stirling
Telephone Number: +44 (0)1786 467537


Contemporary French political history, especially World War II, war memorial iconography


Simon Kitson


French studies, 

University of Birmingham, 

Edgbaston, B15 2TT


Web-site of police resources:


The policing of France in the 1930's and 1940's (with particular reference to Marseille). The French secret services.

KITSON (Simon), "La reconstitution de la Police à Marseille (août 1944-février 1945)", Provence Historique, n° 178, October 1994, pp 497-509.


KITSON (Simon), "The Police in the Liberation of Paris", in KEDWARD (H.R.) & WOOD (Nancy), The Liberation of France. Image and Event, Berg, Oxford, 1995.

KITSON (Simon),"The Marseille police in their context, from Popular Front to Liberation", D  phil (supervised by Roderick KEDWARD), Sussex University, 1995.

KITSON (Simon), "The police and the deportation of Jews from the Bouches-du-Rhône in August and September 1942", Modern and Contemporary France, Vol 5, N° 3, August 1997.


KITSON (Simon), "Rehabilitation and frustration: the experience of Marseille police officers at the Liberation", Journal of Contemporary History, Vol 33, N° 4, October 1998.


KITSON (Simon), "The Police and the Clichy 'massacre', March 1937", in BESSEL, R & EMSLEY, C (eds), Patterns of Provocation, Berghahn, Oxford, 2000, pp 29-40


KITSON (Simon), "Marseille: à l'épreuve du politique, 1936-38" in Jean-Marc BERLIERE & Denis PESCHANSKI (eds), La Police française, Docu,entation française, Paris, 2000, pp 43-58


KITSON (Simon), "Les policiers marseillais et le Front Populaire", XXe Siècle, January 2000, pp 47-58


KITSON (Simon), "Arresting Nazi Spies in Vichy France, 1940-42", Intelligence and National Security, vol 15, no 1, Spring 2000, pp 80-120.


KITSON (Simon), "L'évolution de la Résistance dans la police marseillaise", in Jean-Marie GUILLON & Robert MENCHERINI, La Résistance et les Européens du Sud, L'Harmattan, Paris, 2000, pp 257-270


Serge Klarsfeld


CDJC, (Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine),
17 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier,
 75004, Paris, France,
tél: (33)
CDJC web-site: 


Specialist on  the persecution of the Jews

Andrew Knapp


French Studies

University of Reading
Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences
Reading RG6 6AA


Specialist on De Gaulle

Cheryl A. Koos


History Department

California State University, Los Angeles

5151 State University Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90032, USA


Office Telephone: 323.343.2046


Works in progress include a book manuscript: Engendering Reaction: Reproductive Politics and the French Right on the Road to Vichy, 1919-43 and an edited collection: “The Human Tradition in Modern Europe,” co-edited with Cora Granata which is under review with Rowman and Littlefield.


Article:“Good Children, True Women, and Social Demons: The Cultural Politics of La Maternelle (1933).” (Film and History 2003 CD-ROM).


Anthology Chapter:  "Women: Gender, and the Extreme Right in France, 1919-45," Co-authored with Daniella Sarnoff, in Women, Gender, and the Extreme Right in Europe, 1919-1945, Kevin Passmore, ed. Manchester University Press/Rutgers University Press, 2003.

Anthology Chapter: “First World War: Death of the Old World, Birth of the New?” in France since the Revolution: Texts and Contexts, Rachael Langford and Claire Gorrara, ed., Edward Arnold Publishers Limited, 2003.


Translation and Historical Commentary, "God, Work, Family and Fatherland,” by Vérine (Marguerite Lebrun) in Lives and Voices: Sources in European Women’s History ed., Merry Wiesner and Lisa DiCaprio (Houghton Mifflin, 2001).


Article: "Fascism, Fatherhood, and the Family in Interwar France: The Case of Antoine Rédier and the Légion," Journal of Family History, July 1999.


"'On les aura!': The Gendered Politics of Abortion and the Alliance Nationale contre la dépopulation, 1938-44,"  Modern and Contemporary France, February 1999.


"Gender, Anti-individualism, and Nationalism, The Alliance Nationale and the Pronatalist Backlash Against the Femme moderne, 1933-40," French Historical Studies, Spring 1996.


Translation, "Votre Bonheur, Jeunes Filles," by Paul Haury, in Women, the Family, and Freedom: The Debate in Documents, Second Edition, ed. Karen M. Offen and Susan Groag Bell (Stanford University Press, forthcoming).


Megan Koreman


Megan Koreman, The Expectation of Justice: France 1944-1946. Durham: Duke University Press, 1999. xviii + 340pp. Notes, maps, index and bibliography. ISBN 0-8223-2373-7.



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Pierre Laborie


Centre de Recherches Historiques
Ecole des Hautes-Etudes
54 boulevard Raspail
75006 Paris


French public opinion during the Vichy years.

LABORIE (P)., Résistants, vichyssois et autres, l'évolution de l'opinion et des comportements dans le Lot de 1939 à 1945, CNRS, Paris, 1980.

LABORIE (Pierre), L'opinion française sous Vichy, Le Seuil, Paris, 1990


Diane N. Labrosse


Faculty Lecturer, 

Department of History, 

Concordia University, Montréal,



Diane Labrosse is a faculty lecturer at Concordia University in Montreal. She is currently completing her dissertation on "Gaston Bergery, the Right/Left Political Dichotomy, Foreign Policy, and Vichy France, 1940-1945." She holds the H-Diplo Fellowship from the National Security Archives in Washington. She has presented many conference papers on Bergery's domestic and foreign policy and is the author of several forthcoming articles on the politics and diplomacy of Vichy France. Her areas of research interest are Vichy France, the politics and diplomacy in Europe between the two world wars, and the intellectual origins of Fascism.


Debbie Lackerstein


Lecturer: Intellectual History
Australian Defence Force Academy
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: +61 2 6268 8111


Working on an ongoing research project examining the ideology of the Vichy government (1940-44). The study focuses on the ideas of radical right-wing intellectuals, including the Action française, both concerning what was wrong with existing French society and their proposals for political, social and economic change under the rubric of the National Revolution. In particular, the study uses newspapers, journals, and novels written by the radical right to explore the range and language of socio-cultural criticism. The aim here is to expose relationships and contrasts among varying sections of the Vichy-era Right but also to show the continuities and discontinuities with prewar beliefs.


Pieter Lagrou


Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent (IHTP)


59-61 rue Pouchet

75849 Paris Cedex 17



Comparative study of the collective remembrance of the war years; social
consequences of the occupation policy (population displacement, labour
draft, persecution, resistance); post-war recovery.
LAGROU (Pieter), The Legacy of Nazi Occupation. Patriotic Memory and National Recovery in Western Europe,1945-1965 (CUP, Cambridge, 1999).


Sébastien Laurent 


specialist on gaullist secret services during the war
- « Renseignement militaire et action politique. Le BCRA et les services spéciaux de l’armée d’armistice » dans Pierre Lacoste (dir.), La Culture française du renseignement, Paris, Economica, 1998, pp. 79-99.

- « Les services spéciaux de la France libre : politique et légitimité républicaine », dans :Georges-Henri Soutou, Jacques Frémeaux, Olivier Forcade (dir.), L’Exploitation du renseignement militaire des années trente aux années soixante, Paris, Economica, 2 001, pp. 133-160.

- « The Free French Secret Services : Intelligence and the Politics of Republican Legitimacy », Intelligence and National Security, vol. 15, n° 4, Winter 2000, pp. 19-41.

- « Le renseignement et le contre-espionnage militaires face à l’Allemagne : étude du dispositif de renseignement français », dans Stefan Mertens und Maurice Vaïssse (dir.), Frankreich und Deutschland im Krieg (November 1942– Herbst 1944) Okkupation, Kollaboration, Résistance, Bouvier Verlag, Bonn, 2 000, pp. 783-792.

- « Le service secret de l’Etat (1870-1945). La part des militaires », dans Marc-Olivier Baruch et Vincent Duclert (dir.), Serviteurs de l’Etat. Une histoire politique de l’administration française 1875-1945, Paris, La Découverte, 2 000, pp. 279-295.

- « Le renseignement de 1860 à nos jours : état des sources militaires », Revue historique des armées, n° 4, décembre 2000, pp. 97-110.

- « Les services secrets gaullistes à l’épreuve de la politique (1940-1947) », Politix. Revue des sciences sociales du politique, vol. 14, n° 54, 2001, pp. 139-153.


Patricia Legg 


PATRICIA S. LEGG  MPhil/PhD 2ND year part-time. Researching psychiatry under Vichy at the University of Southampton under Dr Joan Tumblety



Céline Lesourd


32 rue de Bourgogne
75007, Paris,


Céline is currently completing a thesis at the Université de Paris-VII entitled 'Médecine et médecins en France de 1938 à 1948'. Her Master's degree (Maitrise) was entitled: 'Etude démographique du groupe national français à Mauthausen, camp de concentration nazi en territoire autrichien'


Christine Levisse-Touzé


Directeur du Mémorial du Maréchal Leclerc de Hauteclocque
et de la Libération de Paris et Musée Jean Moulin

dalle Montparnasse, 

Jardin de l'Atlantique,

75015, Paris


Specialist on North Africa during the Vichy period


Giacomo Lichtner 


History Department

Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington 6001

Recently completed a thesis entitled 'Staged Memories: French and Italian Holocaust films and their reception, 1956-1998' under the supervision of Nicholas Atkin and David Laven at the University of Reading. 


Christopher Lloyd


Chairman, Modern European Languages,
New Elvet,
Durham University,
departmental web-page:


Current project is a book on literary and cultural representations of
collaboration and resistance.


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Lori  (Gloria) Maguire


Département d'Anglais,
Université de Paris XII
61 av Général de Gaulle
94010, Créteil, Cedex;


Relations between the British, Americans and Free French.
MAGUIRE, (G. E.),  Anglo-American policy towards the Free French,  Macmillan, Basingstoke, 1995


François Marcot


Professeur d'histoire contemporaine
Université de Franche-Comté (Besançon).
Faculte des Lettres et Sciences Humaines
Universite de Franche-Comté
30, Avenue de l'Observatoire
25030 Besançon
Fax: 330381665300


MARCOT, François, La Résistance dans la Jura (Cetre, Besançon: 1985)
MARCOT, François, Les Voix de la Résistance (Cetre, Besançon: 1989)


Andy Marino


F/262 Finchley Road
Tel: 0171 431 4898
Fax: 0171 431 7636


Recently completed a book about Varian Fry (for Hutchinson in the UK and St. Martin's Press in the States) under the title 'A quiet American'


Michael Marrus


Office of the Dean
School of Graduate Studies
University of Toronto
65 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 2Z9


Michael's research interest is in European fascism and the Holocaust. He is the author of five books on these and related subjects.

MARRUS (Michael) & PAXTON (Robert Owen), Vichy et les Juifs, Hachette 'le livre de poche Biblio', Paris, 1990

MARRUS (Michael) & PAXTON (Robert Owen), Vichy France and the Jews, Stanford, 1995


Stefan Martens


Dr. Stefan Martens

Institut Historique Allemand Paris

8 rue du Parc Royal

F-75003 Paris



Stefan Martens, Volker Knopf: Görings Reich. Selbstinszenierung in

Carinhall, Berlin 2000. new edition in 2006


Albrecht Betz, Stefan Martens (dir.): Les Intellectuels et l'Occupation,

1940–1944. Collaborer, partir, résister, Paris 2004.


Mechtild Gilzmer, Christine Levisse-Touzé, Stefan Martens (dir.): Les femmes

dans la résistance en France. Actes du colloque international de Berlin,

8–10 octobre 2001, organisé par le Mémorial de la Résistance allemande de

Berlin et par le Mémorial du Maréchal Leclerc de Hauteclocque/Musée Jean

Moulin, Paris, Paris 2003.


La France et la Belgique sous l'occupation allemande 1940–1944. Les fonds

allemands conservés aux Centre historique des Archives nationales.

Inventaire de la sous-série AJ40, redigé par: Guy Beaujouan, Anne-Marie

Bourgoin, Pierre Cézard, Marie-Thérèse Chabord, Élisabeth Dunan, Jean-Daniel

Pariset, Christian Wilsdorf, revue par Christine Douyère-Demeulenaere avec

la collaboration de Michèle Conchon. Index établie par Sandrine Bula.

Introduction par Stefan Martens et Andreas Nielen, Paris 2002.


Stefan Martens (Ed.): Frankreich und Belgien unter deutscher Besatzung

1940–1944. Die Bestände des Bundesarchiv-Militärarchivs in Freiburg.

Bearbeitet von Sebastian Remus. Préface de Martine de Boisdeffre et de

Hartmut Weber, Stuttgart 2002.


Stefan Martens, Maurice Vaïsse (Eds.): Frankreich und Deutschland im Krieg

(November 1942 – Herbst 1944). Okkupation, Kollaboration, Résistance, Bonn



Christine Levisse-Touzé, Stefan Martens (dir.): Des Allemands contre le

Nazisme. Oppositions et Résistances, 1933–1945, Paris 1997.


Claude Carlier, Stefan Martens (dir.): La France et l'Allemagne en Guerre

(Septembre 1939 – Novembre 1942) / Deutschland und Frankreich im Krieg

(September 1939 – November 1942), Paris 1990.


Michael Martin


Universite de Paris 7,
place Jussieu,
Paris Cedex 05,


Michael is undertaking doctoral research at the University of Glasgow but is currently attached to the Université de Paris-7. He's working on 'Commemoration of the Second World War during the Mitterrand years: "union sacrée" or "guerre franco-française"?'


Neil McWilliam


Department of the History of Art, 

University of Warwick, 

Coventry CV4 7AL, 

United Kingdom. 


Working on a monograph on Regionalism, Ethnography and the Depiction of the French Peasant from the Revolution to Vichy.

Robert Mencherini


Université d'Avignon et des Pays du Vaucluse, 

Case 17, 

UFR Lettres et Sciences Humaines, 

74 rue Louis Pasteur, 84029, 

Avignon, cedex 01, 



Robert Mencherini, Guerre froide et grèves rouges

Robert Mencherini, La Libération et les entreprises sous gestion ouvrière, Marseille, 1944-1948.


John Kim Munholland 


University of Minnesota
614 Social Sciences Tower
267 19th Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55455


"The Trials of the Free French in New Caledonia, 1940-1942" (1986); "World War II and the End of Indentured Labor in New Caledonia" (1991); 

"L'image traditionnelle de la France et politique des Etats-Unis vers Charles de Gaulle, 1940-1944" (1992); 

"The United States and the Free French (1994); 

"Wartime France: Remembering Vichy" (1994).


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Pascal Ory


Centre d’histoire culturelle des sociétés contemporaines
Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
47, Boulevard Vauban -
78 047 Guyancourt Cedex
Téléphone : 01 39 25 56 41
Télécopie : 01 39 25 53 00 (ou 56 41)

E-mail :


ORY (Pascal), La France Allemande, Gallimard 'Folio-Histoire', Paris, 1995

ORY (Pascal), Les collaborateurs, 1940-1945, Le Seuil, Paris, 1976


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Elana Passman


Elana Passman

Department of History

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Writing dissertation entitled: 'Envisioning a New Europe: Franco-German

Cultural Cooperation, 1925-1963'


Kevin Passmore


Lecturer in History

Cardiff University
PO BOX 909
Cardiff CF10 3XU
Phone: +44 029 20875654
Fax: +44 029 20874929



Fascism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2002)

From Liberalism to Fascism: the Right in a French Province (Cambridge University Press, 1997)

Women, Gender and Fascism, 1919-1945 (edited) (Manchester University Press / Rutgers University Press, 2003)


‘"Planting the tricolour in the citadels of communism:" Women's social action in the Croix de Feu and Parti social français' The Journal of Modern History, Vol 71, No. 4 1999), pp. 814-851

‘Femininity and the right: from Moral Order to Moral Order’, Modern and Contemporary France Vol. 3 No. 1, (2000), pp. 55-69

‘Boy-scouting for grown-ups? paramilitarism in the Croix de Feu and PSF’ French Historical Studies Vol. 19 No. 2 (Fall, 1995), pp. 527-57

‘The Croix de Feu: Bonapartism, national-populism or fascism?’, French History Vol. 9 No. 1, (March, 1995), pp. 93-123

Book chapters:

'The crisis of the Third Republic and the origins of right-wing extremism', in France in the Era of Fascismin, edited by Brian Jenkins (Berg, 2005)

Politics, 1914-1945', in The Short Oxford History of France, vol viii, edited by James McMillan (Oxford University Press, 2003)

'Europe' in Kevin Passmore (ed.)Women, Gender and Fascism, 1919-1945 (edited) (Manchester University Press / Rutgers University Press, 2003)

‘Politics’ in The Short Oxford History of Europe, vol. viii: 1900-1945, ed. by Julian Jackson, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002), pp. 77-115

‘Catholicism and nationalism: the Fédération républicaine, 1927-1939’ in Catholicism, Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century France, ed. by Kay Chadwick (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2000, pp. 47-72)

‘Class, gender and populism: the Parti Populaire Français in Lyon, 1936-1940’, in The Right in France , ed. by Nick Atkin and Frank Tallet (London: Tauris Academic Press,1997), pp. 183-214

‘The Croix de Feu and fascism: a foreign thesis obstinately maintained’, in From Boulanger to Le Pen: The Extreme-Right Wing in France since 1870, ed. by Edward Arnold (London: Macmillan, 2000), pp. 100-118

Une Contre-mobilisation: la droite et l'extrême droite lyonnaises en 1939’, in Le Geste Commémoratif, ed. by Jean Duvallon, Philippe Dujardin and Gérard Sabatier, (Lyon: Sup'Copy/CERIEP, 1994), pp. 445-465

‘Generic fascism and the historians’, Erwägen Wissen Ethik Vol. 15, No 1, (2004), pp. 49-51

Robert O.Paxton



PAXTON (Robert O.), Parades & Politics at Vichy: the French officer corps under Marshal Pétain, Princeton UP, New Jersey, 1966

PAXTON (Robert O.), Vichy France. Old guard and new order, 1940-1944, Columbia University Press, New York, 1972

MARRUS (Michael) & PAXTON (Robert Owen), Vichy et les Juifs, Hachette 'le livre de poche Biblio', Paris, 1990

MARRUS (Michael) & PAXTON (Robert Owen), Vichy France and the Jews, Stanford, 1995


Matthew Peaple 


Post-graduate student

History Department
University of Reading
Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences
Reading RG6 6AA
Berkshire, UK


Doing a PHD on Otto Abetz and the Politics of Franco-German Collaboration, 1919-1954 with Nick Atkin


Chris Pearson


University of Bristol
Dept of Historical Studies
13 Woodland Road
Bristol BS8 1TB
United Kingdom


Currently completing a PHD entitled: 

‘Landscapes of Resistance and Exclusion: War and the Environment in South Eastern France, 1939-1945’

Department of Historical Studies, University of Bristol

Supervisors: Drs. Peter Coates and Tim Cole


Emiliano Perra


University of Bristol
Dept of Historical Studies
13 Woodland Road
Bristol BS8 1TB
United Kingdom

Currently working on a thesis entitled Cinematic representations of the Holocaust in Italy and France, 1945 to the present with Tim Cole in the History Department at Bristol University

Denis Peschanski


Centre de Recherche d'Histoire des Mouvements Sociaux et du Syndicalisme (CRHMSS),

Centre Malher - 6e étage - Bureau 603
9, rue Malher
75181 Paris cedex 04, France
Tel : (33) 01 44 78 33 87



All aspects of repression in France during the Second World War.

PESCHANSKI (D), Vichy 1940-44, CNRS, Paris, 1986

PESCHANSKI, (D), Vichy 1940-1944. Contrôle et exclusion, Complexe, Brussels, 1997

COURTOIS (Stéphane), PESCHANSKI (Denis) & RAYSKI (Adam), Le sang de l'étranger, Fayard, Paris, 1989

GERVEREAU (L) & PESCHANSKI (D), La Propagande sous Vichy, 1940-44, BDIC, Paris, 1990


Alain Pinel


165 rue du Chevaleret,
75013, Paris, France
Crowd control policing in France during the Second World War: the 'Groupes Mobiles de Réserve'.


Eric Place


Eric Place, 

PHD student, 

French Studies, 

University of Birmingham, 


B15 2TT, 



Doing a PHD on the Wehrmacht in Paris during the occupation. 

Supervised by Simon Kitson


Miranda Pollard


Department of History
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30601


Women during the Vichy period.
Reign of Virtue: Mobilizing Gender in Vichy France, 1940-1944 (U of Chicago, 1998). (   )


Elodie Ponthieux


18 rue Anatole France

59800 Lille, France


University of Essex MA dissertation is about the representation of the French Resistance through the Times (1940-1944)


Renée Poznanski


Department of History, 

Building 72 (Humanities), 
Ben-Gurion University,
P.O. Box 653
Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel

Phone: 07­6472531
Fax: 07­6472899


Daily life of Jews in France during the Second World War. Jewish resistance in France during WWII. Editing of Simon Dubnov's autobiography

Poznanski, R. Être Juif en France pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Hachette, Paris, 859pp, 1994.

Poznanski, R. Jérusalem, une décennie capitale pour une capitale millénaire. In Les années de violence, 1938­1948. Dictionnaire critique, F. Bédarida and J.-P. Azéma, eds., Flammarion, Paris, 1995.

Poznanski, R. Résistance Juive, résistants juifs: retour à l'Histoire. In Mémoire et histoire: la Résistance, J-M Guillon and P. Laborie, eds., Privat, Toulouse, 227­245, 1995.

Poznanski, R. Reflections on Jewish resistance and Jewish resistants in France. Jewish Social Studies 2­1:122­158, 1995.

Poznanski, R. Porter l'étoile jaune à Paris. Revue historique, CCXC-1:53­71, 1995.


Steffen Preuser

Dr Steffen Preuser, 

History Department, 

University of Birmingham, 

Edgbaston, B15 2TT. 

Steffen is currently working on a synthesis on the French Resistance for the publishing house Beck.

He is the director of the Centre for Second World War Studies at the University of Birmingham. 

Judith Proud


Dr Judith Proud 
Dept. of French
University of Exeter
Queen's Building,
The University,
Exeter EX4 4QH


Proud, J.,  (1998) 'Occupying the Imagination: Fairy stories and propaganda in Vichy France' , in The Lion and the Unicorn  22, ed. C.-L. Malarté-Feldman, pp. 18-43.

Proud. J., (1995) Children and Propaganda, Oxford, Intellect, 90 + vi pp.

Proud. J., (1995) 'Plus ça change..?  Propaganda fiction for children, 1940-1945", in H. R. Kedward and N. Wood (eds.) The Liberation of France, Image and Event, Oxford, Berg, pp. 57-74.


Rebecca Pulju


Rebecca Pulju

Assistant Professor of History

Kent State University

305 Bowman Hall

Kent, OH 44242-0001, USA

Ph. (330) 672-8914

Fax (330) 672-2094

Women in post-war France

"The Woman's Paradise:  Gender and Consumer Culture in France, 1944-1965." PHD, University of Iowa, 2005

“Consumers for the Nation: Women, Politics and Consumer Organization in France, 1944-1965,” forthcoming in the Journal of Women’s History.
“Changing Homes, Changing Lives: Material Conditions, Women’s Demands, and Consumer Society in Post-World War II France” in 2003 Proceedings of the Western Society for French History.

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James Quinn


Department of History

University of Kansas

Lawrence, KS 66045



Graduate Student working under John Sweets. Dissertation topic is the French prisoners of war in German captivity 1939-1945. His work focuses on the Vichy representation of the prisoners of war to the French population, the actual state of mind and living standards of the prisoners, and the difficulties the disconnect between the two caused the prisoners upon their liberation. He has presented his work on the Vichy prisoner of war propaganda campaign. 


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Andrés Reggiani



Department of History

Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

Buenos Aires, Argentina 



God's Eugenicist: Alexis Carrel and the Sociobiology of Decline (New

York/London: Berghahn Books, forthcoming fall 2006).



"Alexis Carrel, cet Inconnu: Eugénisme et Etudes Démographiques sous le

régime de Vichy." La Pensée (forthcoming spring 2006).

"'Drilling Eugenics into People's Minds': Expertise, Public Opinion, and

Biopolitics in Alexis Carrel's Man, the Unknown." In Popular Eugenics:

American Mass Culture in the 1930s, ed. Susan Currell and Christina Cogdell

(Athens: Ohio University Press, forthcoming summer 2006).

"Alexis Carrel, the Unknown: Eugenics and Population Research under Vichy."

French Historical Studies 25: 2 (2002): 331-56.

"Procreating France: The Politics of Demography, 1919-1945." French

Historical Studies 19: 3 (1996): 725-54.


Jean-Pierre Rioux


Rédacteur en Chef,
XXe Siècle,
44 rue du Four,
75006, Paris,


RIOUX (J-P), La France de la IVe République, Seuil, Paris, 1983

RIOUX (J-P), La vie culturelle sous Vichy, Complexe, Brussels, 1990

RIOUX (J-P), PROST (Antoine) & AZEMA (J.P.), Les communistes français de Munich à Châteaubriant, FNSP, Paris, 1987


Alick Robertson


French Dept.

University of Leeds

LS2 9JT, UK 

Currently in the second year of a PhD at the University of Leeds, researching War Crimes Trials in post-Liberation France, with the supervision of Professor Margaret Atack from the University of Leeds and Professor David Walker from the University of Sheffield as part of the White Rose Universities research scheme.

François Rouquet


Département d'histoire,
Université de Rennes 2,
campus Villejean,
6 avenue Gaston Berger,
CS 24 307
35043 Rennes, Cedex,
departmental web-page:


ROUQUET (François), L'épuration dans l'administration française, CNRS, Paris, 1993

ROUQUET, François, & VOLDMAN, Danièle, eds., Identités féminines et violences politiques (1936-1946). Les Cahiers de l'Institut d'Histoire du Temps Present, Cahier no. 31, Paris, 1995.

on-line version of Cahiers de l'IHTP edited by François Rouquet & Danièle Voldman (Cahier n°: 31: IDENTITÉS FÉMININES ET VIOLENCES POLITIQUES (1936-1946)):


Henry Rousso


Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent (IHTP)


59-61 rue Pouchet

75849 Paris Cedex 17



Has worked on Resistance justice after the Liberation of France. Currently researching the memory of Vichy France.

ROUSSO (Henry), La Collaboration, Editions MA, Paris, 1987

ROUSSO (Henry), Le syndrome de Vichy de 1944 à nos jours, Le Seuil, Paris, 2 édition, 1990

ROUSSO (Henry), Les années noires: Vivre sous l'occupation, Gallimard 'découvertes', Paris, 1992

CONAN (Eric) & ROUSSO (Henry), Vichy, un passé qui ne passe pas, Gallimard 'Folio', 1996

ROUSSO, (Henry), 'L'épuration en France: une histoire inachevée', Vingtième Siècle, n° 33, 1992, pp 78-105

ROUSSO, (Henry), 'une justice impossible. L'épuration et la politique anti-juive de Vichy', Annales, Economies Sociétés Civilisations, n° 3, 1993, pp 745-770

ROUSSO, (Henry), La hantise du passé: entretien avec Philippe Petit, Textuel, Paris, 1998

BLANC, (Brigitte), ROUSSO (Henry), DE TOURTIER BONAZZI (Chantal), La seconde guerre mondiale, Documentation française, Paris, 1995

ROUSSO (Henry), Les années noires, Vivre sous l'occupation, Gallimard, Paris, 1992

ROUSSO (Henry), Pétain et la fin de la collaboration, Sigmaringen, 1944-1945, Complexe, Brussels


Colin Roust


Ph.D. Candidate in Musicology

Certificate Student in Film Studies

University of Michigan

109, avenue du Général Leclerc

75014 Paris


(tél): (33)

(mob): (33) 


Currently completing a dissertation which focuses on the film music and criticism of Georges Auric from 1919 to 1946. Each chapter centres around a period of a few years and a particular collaboration (with Marc Allégret, René Clair, Jean Cocteau, and Jean Delannoy) with discussions of aesthetics, film and film music practices, and the place of films and collaborators in the larger political-historical milieu of the 1930s and 1940s. Of particular interest for Vichy scholars will be the chapter dealing with Auric's films in the late 1930s, which will include discussions of the films "Entrée des artistes", "Gribouille", and "La Vie d'un homme".


At the time, Auric, a staunch leftist, was the music critic for both "Marianne" and "Paris-Soir". His music and the films on which he collaborated reflect many of the ideals upheld by the Popular Front, particularly the aesthetic that Richard Abel has described as "social realism". The following chapter turns to the years of the Occupation.


Beginning with a review of Debussy's "Pelléas et Mélisande" in the "Nouvelle Revue Française" (December 1940), Auric's musical nationalism began to take on a very new flavour. While he had always identified himself as anti-German and pro-French, his definition of musical "Frenchness" changed following the Invasion. The films he chose to collaborate on during this period (such as "L'Eternel Retour", "Le Bossu", and "François Villon") also contain clearly nationalistic undertones--hardly surprising since the director of all three, Jean Delannoy, was involved with the Resistance group Comité de Libération du Cinéma. Auric, too, was involved with the Resistance, belonging to the Front National de la Musique (a wing of the Front National de la Libération) and writing for the clandestine journal "Musiciens d'Aujourd'hui".


Donna Ryan


Department of Government & History,
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Ave. NE
Washington, DC
20002-3695, USA
departmental web-site:


Donna Ryan has recently had her book, The Holocaust and the Jews of Marseille, published by the University of Illinois Press in1996. She, along with Stan Schuchman is conducting Oral history interviews in Eastern Europe with deaf holocaust survivors. She also served as co-coordinator of the 1998 Holocaust conference.
RYAN (Donna), The holocaust and the Jews of Marseilles: the enforcement of anti-semitic policies in Vichy France, University of Illinois Press, Urbana, 1996


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Jacqueline Sainclivier


Département d'histoire,
Université de Rennes 2,
campus Villejean,
6 avenue Gaston Berger,
CS 24 307
35043 Rennes, Cedex,


Virginie Sansico 
Preparing a PHD thesis under the supervision of Laurent Douzou. Virginie is a specialist on the judiciary and has looked particularly at the courts-martial organised by the Milice
Virginie Sansico, La Justice du pire, Paris, Payot, 2003


Paula Schwartz


French Department,
Middlebury college,
Telephone: (802) 443 5802


article concerning repression against communist women:


Nigel Simeone


Professor of Historical Musicology,

Department of Music

University of Sheffield

38 Taptonville Road

Sheffield, S10 5BR, 



Music in Paris 1940-44, incl. concert life, opera and ballet, publishing, musical education, recording and broadcasting.

Olivier Messiaen

Francis Poulenc

‘Messiaen and the Concerts de la Pléiade: "a kind of clandestine resistance against the Occupation"’ Music & Letters, vol.81, no.4 (November 2000), 551–584 (article)

‘Music Publishing in Paris during the Occupation’, Brio, Vol..38 no.1 (2001), 2–18 (article)

'Deep Water' [review of M. Chimènes ed.: La vie musicale sous Vichy], Musical Times, Autumn 2001, 64-5

Music in Paris under the German Occupation [provisional title] (book, in progress)

Messiaen in Documents and Pictures [provisional title] (co-authored with Peter Hill, book in progress, including a substantial section on the years1940-44)


Robert Soucy


Professor Emeritus at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio.

Bob has authored four books on French fascism: Fascism in France: the Case of Maurice Barrès; Fascist Intellectual: Drieu La Rochelle; French Fascism: the First Wave, 1924-33; French Fascism: The Second Wave, 1933-39.


John F Sweets


Professor of History,
Kansas University,
3001 Wescoe Hall,
Fax (913) 864-5046

Specialist on the occupation of France during the Second World war.

SWEETS (J.F.) Choices in Vichy France: the French under Nazi occupation, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1986

SWEETS (J.F.), Clermont-Ferrand à l'heure allemande, Plon, Paris, 1996

SWEETS (J.F.), The Politics of Resistance in France, 1940-1944, Northern Illinois University Press, Chicago, 1976


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Lynne Taylor


Department of History
University of Waterloo
Waterloo  ON  N2L 3G1


Lynne recently published a book on the Nazi occupation of northern France during WWII, and has published several articles  on the occupation of northern France as well - dealing with food riots, popular protest, the black market.

TAYLOR, Lynne, Between Resistance and Collaboration: Popular Protest in Northern France, 1940-1944.  (Macmillan Press, UK)

TAYLOR, Lynne,"The Black Market in Occupied France, 1940-1944,"  Contemporary European History, Vol. 6, 2, July 1997, pp. 153-176.

TAYLOR, Lynne,"Collective Action in Northern France, 1940-1944,"  French History, Vol.11, No. 2, June 1997, pp. 190-214.

TAYLOR, Lynne,"Food Riots Revisited," Journal of Social History, Vol. 30, No. 2, Winter 1996, pp. 483-496.

TAYLOR, Lynne,"The Parti Communiste Français and the French Resistance in the Second World War," in Tony JUDT (ed), Resistance and Revolution in Mediterranean Europe, 1939-1948, Routledge, London, 1989, pp. 53-79.


Martin Thomas


School of History,
The University of Exeter, 

The Queen’s Drive, 

Exeter, Devon, EX4 4QJ,



THOMAS (Martin), The French Empire at War, 1940-45 (Manchester UP, 1998), 298 pp., ISBN:  0 7190 5034 0

THOMAS (Martin),'The Discarded Leader: General Henri Giraud and the foundation of the French Committee of National Liberation', French History, 10:1 (1996), 86-111.

THOMAS (Martin),'The Massingham Mission: SOE in French North Africa,1941-1944', Intelligence & National Security, 11:4 (1996), 696-721.

THOMAS (Martin),'Free France, the British Government and the Future of French Indo-China, 1940-45', Journal of South East Asian Studies, 28:1 (1997), 137-60.

THOMAS (Martin),'Deferring to Vichy in the Western Hemisphere: The St Pierre and Miquelon Affair of 1941', International History Review, 19:4 (1997), 809-35.

THOMAS (Martin),'Intelligence in Defeat: the Vichy French Intelligence Service, 1940-44', Intelligence & National Security, 14:1 (1999).

THOMAS (Martin),'French Moroco, Spanish Morocco: Vichy French strategic planning against the 'threat from the North', 1940-42', in C. Leitz and D. J. Dunthorne (eds), Spain in an international context,  (Berghahn, 1999)


Ethel Tolansky


School of Languages
University of Westminster
9/18 Euston Centre
London NW1 3ET
United Kingdom


Resistance poetry; Literature of the Occupation and the Deportation; the concentration camp experience, Jean Cayrol in particular


Joan Tumblety


Department of History
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ
England UK
Tel: 01703 59 54 25
Fax: 01703 59 34 58



Joan Tumblety has written articles on the cultural and gender history of France during the Occupation period, 1940-1944, and is currently working on the publication of her PhD thesis, Fascist cultural politics in France, which focuses on an analysis of the collaborationist press of Paris, especially the equipe of 'Je suis partout'. She also has research interests in the epuration of intellectuals and the rehabilitation of the radical Right after 1944.


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Dominique Veillon


Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent (IHTP)


59-61 rue Pouchet

75849 Paris Cedex 17



VEILLON (Dominique), La collaboration: Textes et débats, Livre de Poche, Paris, 1984

VEILLON (Dominique), La mode sous l'occupation, Payot, Paris, 1990

VEILLON (Dominique), Vivre et survivre en France, 1939-1947, Payot, Paris, 1995


Ginette Vincendeau


Film and Television Studies,
University of Warwick,
Coventry CV4 7AL, UK
tel: +44 1203 52 3511
fax: +44 1203 524757


Specialist on French film and Vichy


Richard Vinen


The Department of History,
King's College London
London, UK
Tel: 0171 836 5454,
Fax: 0171 873 2052
web-page: vinen


Twentieth-century French history, with special emphasis on the Right.

The Politics of French Business, 1936-1945 (1991)

Bourgeois Politics in France 1945-51 (1995);

France 1934-70 (1996).


Fabrice Virgili


UMR IRICE-Institut Pierre Renouvin

Université Paris 1 Sorbonne

1, rue Victor Cousin

75235 Paris Cedex 05


The shaving of women's heads at the Liberation. Relations between enemy troops and the indigenous population. 
(résumé of Fabrice's thesis): Head-shaving of women accused of collaboration in France 1943-1946. 
From 1943 to 1946, head-shaving was widely employed against women accused of collaboration with the German occupying forces. Thanks to varied and complementary sources - files from purge committees and courts of justice, minutes of the police forces, reports by prefects, photographs, documentaries, the underground press and the Liberation press - the reality of that punitive violence is far better known nowadays. Nearly 20000 women of all ages and with all sorts of occupations were shaved all over France behind closed doors or in public. Head-shaving proved to be so varied that it prevents a univocal explanation. It is one of the most patent demonstrations of purge. Research on shaving reveals how extra legal and legal purges are interwoven. As purge reflects the will of a majority of the population to take part in the traitors' punishment, it must also be observed as a social phenomenon. The local environment in which shaving took place establishes a constant relation between the individual and the group and illustrates the individual's adherence process to a local or national community. Finally, as it is specifically prejudicial to womanhood, head-shaving is a sexualized form of violence. It raises the problem of the relations between sexes and of the (re)construction of female and male identities at the close of war and at the very moment when French women were granted citizenship.

Virgili (Fabrice), La France "virile", des femmes tondues à la Libération, Paris, Payot, 2000.

Virgili (Fabrice) & Capdevila (Luc), " Tontes et épuration des collaboratrices : un antiféminisme ? ", in Bard (Christine), L'Antiféminisme au XXe siècle, Paris, Fayard, février 1999, pp. 255-267.

Virgili (Fabrice), " Horizontal collaborators " in, Gordon (Bertram M.), Historical Dictionary of World War II France ; The Occupation, Vichy, and the Resistance, 1938-1946, Greenwood Press, Westport, 1998, pp.182-183.

Virgili (Fabrice), 'Les tontes de la Libération en France', Les Cahiers de l'IHTP, n° 31, 1995, pp 53-65

Virgili (Fabrice), 'Les 'tondues' à la libération: le corps des femmes, enjeu d'une réapprobation' in Thébaud (Françoise) (ed) "Résistance et Libérations (France 1940-1945)", Clio, Histoire, Femmes et Société, n°1, 1995, pp 111-127


Danièle Voldman


Centre de Recherche d'Histoire des Mouvements Sociaux et du Syndicalisme (CRHMSS),

Centre Malher - 6e étage - Bureau 603
9, rue Malher
75181 Paris cedex 04, France


VOLDMAN, (Danièle), Attention mines, 1944-1947, Editions France-Empire, Paris, 1985.

VOLDMAN, (Danièle),  La reconstruction des villes françaises de 1940 à 1954 : histoire d'une politique, L'Harmattan, Paris, 1997

on-line version of Cahiers de l'IHTP edited by François Rouquet & Danièle Voldman (Cahier n°: 31: IDENTITÉS FÉMININES ET VIOLENCES POLITIQUES (1936-1946)):


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Jonathan Weiss


NEH Class of 1940 Distinguished Professor of Humanities
Colby College
Tel: +1 207-872-3125

8, place Bossuet
21000 Dijon, France
Tel: +33 (0)3-80-50-17-18

Published a biography of the Russian-born French writer Irène Némirovsky in March 2005 (Irène Némirovsky, Paris, Éditions du Félin, 2005, ISBN 2866455991). The English translation of the book (the original is in French) will be published by Stanford University Press and is scheduled to appear in the fall of 2006. Némirovsky who was arrested by Vichy Police in July 1942 and later died in Auschwitz.


Steve Wharton


Department of European Studies and Modern Languages

University of Bath
Bath, BA2 7AY
United Kingdom
Telephone + 44 1225 826826 x5195
Fax + 44 1225 826099



Documentary films during the Vichy period. 


Olivier Wieviorka


Département de sciences sociales

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan
Département de Sciences Sociales
61, avenue du Président Wilson
94 235 Cachan Cedex



The French Resistance particularly the movement Défense de la France. French members of parliament during the Vichy period.

AZEMA (Jean-Pierre) & WIEVIORKA (Olivier), Vichy 1940-44, Perrin, Paris, 1997

WIEVIORKA (Olivier), Une Certaine Idée de la Résistance: Défense de la France, 1940-1949, Seuil, Paris, 1996

WIEVIORKA (Olivier),  Nous entrerons dans la carrière: De la Résistance à l’exercice du pouvoir, Seuil, Paris, 1994

AZEMA (Jean-Pierre) & WIEVIORKA (Olivier), Les libérations de la France, La Martinière, Paris, 1993


Benn Williams


Grad Student, 

Department of History, 

University of Illinois

913 University Hall
601 South Morgan Street
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL 60607-7109 

Doing a PhD on the phenomenon of denunciation in the Lyon region.

Benn Williams, "Letters of Denunciation in the Lyon Region, 1940-1944" Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung No. 96/97 Vol. 26 (2001) 2/3 pp. 136-152.     Sonderheft / Special Issue: Denunziation im 20. Jahrhundert: Zwischen Komparatistik und Interdisziplinaritaet /Denunciation in the 20th Century: Between Comparatistic and Interdisciplinarity edited by Inge Marszolek, Olaf Stieglitz 2. 

Benn Williams, “Vallat, Xavier” in Richard S. Levy (ed.), Antisemitism: A Historical Encyclopedia of Prejudice and Persecution, vol. 2 (Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 2005), pp. 731-732.

Benn Williams, (Co-author with Tal Bruttmann)  “‘Aryanisation’, spoliations, pillages, restitutions et indemnisations: une tentative de bibliographie internationale” in Bruttmann (ed.), Persécutions et spoliations des Juifs pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale (Grenoble: Presses Universitaires de Grenoble/Commission d'enquête de la Ville de Grenoble sur les spoliations des biens Juifs, 2004), 123-192



Nancy Wood


Dean, School of Critical Studies,

California Institute of Arts, 

24700 McBean Parkway, 

Valencia, California, USA 


Nancy's fields of expertise include the legacy of Vichy and the Algerian war in French political culture, contemporary European media and the role played by media in migration processes. She is the author of Vectors of Memory: Legacies of Trauma in Postwar Europe (Berg, 1999), and a biography of Ravensbruck survivor, Germaine Tillion (Editions Autrement, 2003). Nancy also collaborated with Tillion on a large-format book of photographs of Algeria in the 1930s which the French newspaper Le Monde described as 'superbly accomplished'.


Nico Wouters


Department of contemporary history - Ghent University

Blandijnberg 2

9000 Ghent 


currently working on p.h.d. research on the subject of 'local government and the maintenance of public order in Belgium, the North of France (Nord, Pas de Calais) and Holland during the occupation'. Nico is attached to the department of contemporary history at Ghent university (Belgium), but also collaborates with SOMA/CEGES (Brussels), the IHTP (Cachan) and NIOD (Amsterdam). 


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Limore Yagil 


fax: 972-3-5470828 


L'homme nouveau et la révolution nationale, Septentrion 1997

In September  2002  she will be bringing out a book under the title 'La France sous Vichy: sauvetage des juifs et désobéissance aux lois'


Robert J.Young


Professor of History,
Winnipeg University,
515 Portage Avenue,
R3B 2E9,


French intelligence services at the end of the Third Republic. Explanations of the French defeat.

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Robert Zaretsky


Department of History, Honors College
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-2090


ZARETSKY (Robert), Nîmes at War, Penn State Press, Pennsylvania, USA, 1995





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