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Book reviews and bibliographical questions

Mark Scholz has put together an interesting bibliography on the Vichy period.

THÉO, (Travaux d'Étudiants concernant l'Histoire de l'Ouest français)- this site gives details of dissertations submitted concerning the West of France at all points in history and includes an excellent list for the second world war)

Vichy bibliography

Holocaust bookshop

Holocaust Bibliography

Auschwitz Bibliography

Bibliography of France and the Shoah

H-France book reviews

Reviews and comments on Julian Jackson, France, the Dark Years

Reviews and comments on Richard Weisberg's book 'Vichy Law and the Holocaust'

Works of Bertram M. Gordon

Page devoted to Renée Poznanski's book 'Etre Juif en France pendant la seconde guerre mondiale'

Site concerned with Sarah Fishman's book on the wives of Prisoners of War

Site advertising Judith Proud's book on children and Vichy

Site put together by Michel Fingerhut about the holocaust and featuring descriptions of various Vichy-related books

Review of women in the holocaust by Julia M. Klein for Philadelphia Inquirer

Burrin's comments in Goldhagen book (with some cross-reference to Vichy)

The Memory of Resistance French Opposition to the Algerian War (1954-1962) by Martin Evans

Bancroft, Mary. Autobiography of a Spy. New York: Morrow, 1983.

Catalogue of cassettes concerning French history (includes many concerning the period 1940-1944)
Harvard University French department reading list




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