The whole of this paragraph is full of metaphorical language.  Notice how the Greek metaphors have been substituted in places by comparable English ones.

ζητούμενο issue
χάραξη hammer out
άλλη πνοή breath of fresh air
θα ανοίξει τον δρόμο by opening the path
θα συρρικνώσει eliminating

A few comments:

χάραξη [...] πολιτικής the ILSP corpus has about 125 examples, enough to suggest that this is a regular metaphor.  In English, the Bank of English has about 800 citations for hammer out, most of them metaphorical, with objects such as agreement, compromise, policy and solution.

breath of fresh air is pretty much a fixed expression in English, with 503 citations in the Bank of English.

open the path (4 citations in the bank of English) is much less frequent than the alternative open the way (1068 citations).  Here the translator has chosen the less common alternative, though it makes perfectly clear sense, and I was surprised myself to find such a disparity on the numbers of citations, expecting more for path.

Notice the English, unusually, goes further than the Greek in the equivalence of eliminating for συρρικνώσει.  As the sense is metaphorical here, the translator probably has a greater freedom of choice.