Luc Racaut and Alec Ryrie (ed.), Moderate Voices in the European Reformation

Ashgate: St. Andrews Studies in Reformation History (forthcoming 2005)



Luc Racaut and Alec Ryrie: Introduction: Between Persuasion and Coercion.

Alexandra Kess: Diplomacy, evangelism and dynastic war: the brothers Du Bellay at the service of Francis I.

Louise Campbell: A diagnosis of religious moderation: Matthew Parker and the 1559 Settlement.

Elizabeth Tingle: A Mini-Colloquy of Poissy in Brittany: interfaith dialogue in Nantes in 1562.

Kenneth Austin: Immanuel Tremellius and the Avoidance of Controversy.

Michael Riordan: Concord and co-operation in mid-Tudor England: the evidence of three Berkshire courtiers.

Alain Tallon, tr. Luc Racaut: National Church, state Church or universal Church?: the Gallican dilemma in sixteenth century France.

Ethan Shagan: The Battle for Indifference in Elizabethan England.

Elaine Fulton: ‘Wolves and Weathervanes’: Confessional Moderation at the Habsburg Court of Vienna, 1550-1587.

Alison Carter: René Benoist: Scripture for the Catholic Masses.

Graeme Murdock: Moderation under duress: Calvinist appeals for Christian unity in Royal Hungary.

Mark Greengrass: Conclusion.


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