Andrew Pettegree (ed) - The Reformation of the Parishes

Manchester University Press (1993)

x + 244 pp. ISBN 0-7190-4005-1.


Andrew Pettegree: The clergy and the Reformation: from 'devilish priesthood' to new professional elite

Carol Edington: 'To speik of Preistis be sure it is na bourds': discussing the priesthood in pre-Reformation Scotland

Beat Kümin: Parish finance and the early Tudor clergy

Bruce Gordon: Preaching and the reform of the clergy in the Swiss Reformation

C. Scott Dixon: Rural resistance, the Lutheran pastor, and the territorial church in Brandenburg Ansbach-Kulmbach, 1528-1603

William G. Naphy: The renovation of the ministry in Calvin's Geneva

Karin Maag: Education and training for the Calvinist ministry: the Academy of Geneva, 1559-1620

Penny Roberts: The demands and dangers of the Reformed ministry in Troyes, 1552-72

Richard Fitzsimmons: Building a Reformed ministry in Holland, 1572-85

Andrew Spicer: 'A Faythful Pastor in the Churches': ministers in the French and Walloon communities in England, 1560-1620

Rona Johnston: The implementation of Tridentine reform: the Passau Official and the parish clergy in Lower Austria, 1563-1637


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