Helen Parish and William G. Naphy (eds), Religion and 'Superstition' in Reformation Europe

Manchester University Press (2003)



Helen Parish & William G. Naphy: Introduction

Bridget Heal: Images of the Virgin Mary and Marian Devotion in Protestant Nuremberg

Jason Nye: Not like us: Catholic identity as a defense against Protestantism in Rottweil, 1560-1618

Maria Craciun: Traditional Practices: Catholic Missionaries and Protestant Religious Practice in Transylvania

Eric Nelson: The Jesuit Legend: Creating Superstitions and Myths

Ute Lotz-Heumann: ‘The Spirit of Prophecy has not wholly left the World’: The Stylisation of Archbishop James Ussher as a Prophet

Dale Johnson: Serving Two Masters: John Knox, Scripture and Prophecy

Luc Racaut: A Protestant or Catholic Superstition? Astrology and Eschatology during the French Wars of Religion

P. G. Maxwell-Stuart: Rational Superstition: The Writings of Protestant Demonologists

Peter Marshall: Deceptive Appearances: Ghosts and Reformers in Elizabethan and Jacobean England


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