Penny Roberts and William G. Naphy (eds), Fear in Early Modern Society

Manchester University Press (1997)

x + 245 pp. ISBN 0-7190-4866-4 hbk / 0-7190-5205-X pbk.


Penny Roberts & William G. Naphy: Introduction

Penny Roberts: Agencies human and divine: fire in French cities, 1520-1720

William G. Naphy: Plague-spreading and a magisterially controlled fear

Mark S. R. Jenner: The Great Dog Massacre

Raingard Eßer: Fear of water and floods in the Low Countries

Bruce Taylor: The enemy within and without: an anatomy of fear on the Spanish Mediterranean littoral

Will Coster: Fear and friction in urban communities during the English Civil War

Beat Kümin: The fear of intrusion: communal resilience in early modern England

Karin Maag: The spectre of ignorance: the provision of education in the Swiss cities

Peter Marshall: Fear, purgatory and polemic in Reformation England

Andrew Spicer: ‘Rest of their bones’ : Fear of death and Reformed burial practices

David Gentilcore: The fear of disease and the disease of fear

P. G. Maxwell-Stuart: The fear of the King is death: James VI and the witches of East Lothian


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