Beat Kmin (ed) - Reformations Old and New

Ashgate, St. Andrews Studies in Reformation History (1996)

xiv + 272 pp. ISBN 1-85928-220-2.


Beat Kmin, Reformations old and new: an introduction

Part I: State and purpose of the clergy

Arnoud-Jan A. Bijsterveld, Reform in the parishes of 15th- and 16th-century North Brabant

Peter Dykema, The reforms of Count Eberhard of Wurttemberg: "confessionalization" in the 15th century

D.G. Newcombe, John Hooper's visitation and examination of the clergy in the diocese of Gloucester, 1551

Part II: Church resources

Richard Cahill, The sequestration of the Hessian monasteries

Patrick R.N. Carter, The fiscal Reformation: clerical taxation and opposition in Henrician England

Part III: Ecclesiastical patronage

Per Ingesman, Episcopal patronage and social mobility in late medieval and Reformation Denmark

Peter Marshall, The dispersal of monastic patronage in East Yorkshire, 1520-90

Trevor Johnson, Patronage, Herrschaft, and confession: the Upper-Palatinate nobility and the Counter Reformation

Part IV: Education

Markus Wriedt, Continuity and competition: Luther's call for educational reform in the light of medieval precedents,

William G. Naphy, The Reformation and the evolution of Geneva's schools

Karin Maag, Financing education: the Zurich approach, 1550-1620

Part V: Poor relief

Timothy Fehler, The burden of benevolence: poor relief and parish finance in early modern Emden

Andrew Spicer, Poor relief and the exile communities


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