Bruce Gordon (ed) - Protestant History and Identity in Sixteenth Century Europe

Ashgate, St. Andrews Studies in Reformation History (1996)

2 Volume Set, 438 pp. ISBN: 1-85928-175-3.


Volume 1--The Medieval Inheritance

Bruce Gordon: The Changing Face of Protestant History and Identity in the Sixteenth Century

Beat Hodler: Protestant Self-Perception and the Problem of Scandalum: a Sketch

Markus Wriedt: Luther's Concept of History and the Formation of an Evangelical Identity

Hans Ulrich Bächtold: History, Ideology and Propaganda in the Reformation: The Early Writing "Anklag und ernstliches ermanen Gottes" (1525) of Heinrich Bullinger

Peter Marshall: The Debate over "Unwritten Verities" in Early Reformation England

Alec Ryrie: The Problem of Legitimacy and Precedent in English Protestantism, 1539-47

Bruce Gordon: "This Worthy Witness of Christ": Protestant Uses of Savanarola in the 16th Century

Emidio Campi: Bernardino Ochino's Christology and "Mariology" in his writings of the Italian Period (1538-42)

Geoffrey Dipple: "Yet, from time to time there were men who protested against these evils": Anabaptism and Medieval Heresy

Helen Parish: "Beastly is their Living and their Doctrine": Celibacy and Theological Corruption in English Reformation Polemic

Julian Lock: Plantagenets against the Papacy: Protestant England's Search for Royal Heroes

Volume 2--The Later Reformation

William G. Naphy: "No History can Satisfy Everyone": Geneva's Chroniclers and Emerging Religious Identities

David Watson: Jean Crespin and the Writing of History in the French Reformation

Andrew Pettegree: Adriaan van Haemstede: the Heretic as Historian

Christopher Bradshaw: David or Josiah? Old Testament Kings as Exemplars in Edwardian Religious Polemic

Paul Regan: Calvinism and the Dutch Israel Thesis

Ute Lotz-Heumann: The Protestant Interpretation of History in Ireland: The Case of James Ussher's Discourse

Pamela Biel: Let the Fiancées Beware: Luther, the Lawyers and Betrothal in 16th-Century Saxony

Bodo Nischan: Ritual and Protestant Identity in Late Reformation Germany

Howard Hotson: The Historiographical Origins of Calvinist Millenarianism


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