Since 1991 the ERRG has been the UK’s principal forum for postgraduates and junior researchers working on all aspects of the religious history of early modern Europe, including the British Isles. From the group's inception a central aim has been to provide an opportunity for younger scholars, particularly postgraduate students, to discuss their research in its early stages.

The ERRG conference in early September has been held at a variety of locations in England and Scotland. The conference's orientation towards postgraduate research means that there are no 'keynote' speakers and that all members are invited to participate on equal terms. Every effort is made to keep conference costs to a minimum, and the rates for established scholars present are raised slightly so as to subsidise postgraduate students.

The ERRG also aims to produce occasional volumes of scholarly essays arising from the conference. These are not 'conference proceedings' but commercially and intellectually viable ventures, in which a number of ERRG members have gained their first publications.

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