Minutes of the 2004 AGM

1.    Present: Sara Barker, Louise Campbell, Adam Francisco, Elaine Fulton, Sylvia Gill, Polly Ha, Trevor Johnson, Beat Kümin, James Lee, Korey Maas, Sophie Murray, Helen Parish, Penny Roberts, Alec Ryrie, Elizabeth Tingle, Daniel van Voorhis, Peter Webster, Ralph Werrell.

2.    Thanks. The meeting thanked Elizabeth Tingle for organising a successful conference.

3.    Election of officers. Alec Ryrie stood down having completed two terms as general secretary. Andrew Spicer had agreed to stand and was unanimously elected. 
       Peter Webster offered to give any assistance that may be necessary in running the website.

4.    2005 Conference. It was agreed that the 2005 conference should be held on 1-3 September. The likely venue is the University of Newcastle, where we hope that Luc Racaut will be our host. Details to be confirmed.

5.    Publications. The most recent ERRG volume, Moderate Voices in the European Reformation, is now in press. After some discussion the meeting agreed to pursue two further possible volumes.

        (a)   A collection of essays on the theme of modes of argument in the Reformation period, considering rhetoric, the use of authority and public spaces. The likely editors for this project are Elaine Fulton, Helen Parish and Peter Webster.

        (b) A collection of essays on Lutheranism in the period between Luther’s death and the Thirty Years’ War. Korey Maas is to take the lead in exploring possibilities for this project.

Officers for 2004-05

General Secretary: Andrew Spicer, Oxford Brookes University

Treasurer: Helen Parish, University of Reading


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