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Professor Max Page,
BA (Yale), PhD (U. Penn).

Lecturer in the Department of History
at Yale University

During the 1998-99 academic year, Max Page was a Leverhulme Visiting Research Professor at the University of Nottingham, in the School of American and Canadian Studies working with the 3Cities project group.

His first book, The Creative Destruction of Manhattan: Landscape, Memory, and the Politics of Place, 1900-1940 is published by the University of Chicago Press (1999) as part of the Historical Studies of Urban America series, edited by James Grossman and Kathleen Conzen, and he is the editor of Historic Preservation/Preservation History: Essays on the History of Historic Preservation in the United States (forthcoming). 

Professor Page is the author of numerous essays on American urbanism including: ‘A Vanished City is Restored’: Inventing and Displaying the Past at the Museum of the City of New York, Winterthur Portfolio 34:1 (March 1999); ‘Uses of the Axe’: Street Trees and the Meaning of Nature in New York, American Studies (April 1999); Nature's Memory: Trees and the Creative Destruction of Cities in the United States, Annales de L'Universite de Savoie (Spring 1998); The Heights and Depths of Urbanism: Skyscrapers and the Creative Destruction of the American City, in Roberta M. Moudry, ed. The Skyscraper Culturally Reconsidered: An Interdisciplinary Conversation (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2001).

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