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   Professor William Boelhower,
   Associate Professor and
   Director of American Studies
   at the University of Padua, Italy.

Professor Boelhower has translated the cultural writings of Antonio Gramsci, a book of essays on the sociology of literature by Lucien Goldmann, and has recently translated and edited a bilingual edition of the immigrant autobiography of Carmine Biagio Iannace, La scoperta dell' America / The Discovery of America, An Autobiography, translation and Afterword by William Boelhower (West Lafayette, Indiana, Bordighera Press, 2000).

His essays have appeared in Early American Literature, American Literary History, Journal of American Studies, MELUS, American Studies / Amerika Studien, Contemporary Literature and Revue Franšaise d'Etudes Americaines.

His books include: a bilingual edition (with Afterword) of Frederick Douglass's novella The Heroic Slave (Italy: Supernova Press, 1999); Autobiographical Transactions in Modernist America (Udine, Italy: Del Bianco Editore, 1992); Through a Glass Darkly: Ethnic Semiosis in American Literature (New York: Oxford University Press, 1987,1992); Immigrant Autobiography in the United States (Italy: Essedue, 1982). He has edited the volume Adjusting Sites, New Essays in Italian American Studies (Stony Brook: Filibrary of Forum Italicum, 1999) and The Future of American Modernism, Ethnic Writing Between the Wars (Amsterdam: VU University Press, 1990).

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