This is an electronic book. Its format differs from a conventional book. It is not linear but is multi-dimensional, and is explored following hypertext links that move horizontally and vertically. The buttons on the left provide starting points.

The contexts are video introductions to the cities of New York and Chicago. These presentations focus on the city sites that have inspired the work. You can move from the video presentations to essays on each of the two cities.

The City Sites button leads back to the front page.

The Navigation button leads back here.

The Overview describes the development and format of this electronic book, and its relationship to the other parts of the 3Cities project

The Contributors section provides short biographies of the authors of the essays.

The Essays button takes one to a menu of ten essays, five on New York and five on Chicago. Each essay is represented by a title button. Clicking on one of these buttons takes you to an establishing image for an essay; running the cursor over the image gives a detailed menu for the essay. Clicking on any of the items in the menu takes you into the essay proper.

The navigation system at the bottom of the screen adjusts to lead the reader through the essays.

The Pathways open up at a later stage, when the essays are entered. The pathways meander through the essay pages following themes. When a pathway is entered the navigation system at the bottom of the screen switches to lead the reader through the colour-coded essay pages.

The Bibliography lists references for the whole of the site. There are links to individual references from within the essays, but this button gives an opportunity to view the list as an entity.

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