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Spreading Fires: The Missionary Nature of Early Pentecostalism (312 pp, £22.99, ISBN 9 78 033404063 7)

London: SCM Press, 2007, April 2007

Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, June 2007 

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This book analyses the context, history, theology and praxis of the first Pentecostal missions in the first two decades of the twentieth century. Based largely on primary sources, it explores the social and historical context in which Pentecostalism arose, the revival, holiness and healing movements associated with it in the late nineteenth century, and the influence of colonialism on Pentecostal missions. It traces the stories of Pentecostal missionaries and ‘native workers’ in Africa, China, India and other parts of Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The first part of the book traces the context of historiography, precursors to Pentecostalism, and its central emphasis on the doctrine and experience of the Spirit. The second part is historical, tracing the progress and expansion of Pentecostalism into four continents, while the third part is analytical, missiological and theological. It looks at the emphasis on evangelism, healing and premillennialism, the translation and contextualization of the Christian message by Pentecostal missionaries, and issues of religion, race, gender and culture. It concludes with an analysis of the missionary nature of Pentecostalism and the contemporary implications of this for the wider church.




(editor, with Edmond Tang) Asian and Pentecostal: The Charismatic Face of Christianity in Asia

Oxford: Regnum & Baguio City: APTS Press, published March 2005 (596 pages)  ISBN 1-870345-43-6

This is the most comprehensive volume ever published in English on Pentecostalism in Asia, a collection of 26 essays on Charismatic Christianity there, a neglected but vitally important area of Christian studies. The many and various forms of Asian Pentecostalism certainly represent a truly remarkable expression of Christianity that will be with us for a long time to come, and we ignore this at our peril. This book presents the Charismatic face of Christianity in Asia that is becoming its most prominent expression. The voices of these mostly Asian scholars are an important contribution to our understanding Pentecostalism in Asia, they will open to the academic world new vistas in research and orientation, and they will set parameters for the future study of Christianity in the world’s largest and most diverse continent. The book begins with thematic studies on Asian Charismatic Christianity, then deals with the phenomenon in nine countries in three different regions: South Asia, South East Asia, and East Asia, followed by conclusions. This is an important contribution to our understanding of global Christianity that should not be missed.


An Introduction to Pentecostalism

Global Charismatic Christianity

Allan Anderson

c. £15.95

Cambridge University Press, 2004.  Paperback (Hardback) | 302 pages

Published in Spanish in 2007 as: El Pentecostalismo: 
El cristianismo carismático mundial
Madrid: Ediciones Akal (351 pp). ISBN 978-84-460-2342-5

Global Pentecostalism and Charismatic Christianity in all its diversity is the fastest expanding religious movement in the world today. Allan Anderson, a former Pentecostal minister and authority on global Pentecostalism, aims to make more visible the ‘non-western’ nature of Pentecostalism without overlooking the importance of the movement emanating from North America. Offering an innovative interpretation of Pentecostalism, he takes seriously the contributions of the Majority World to its development and, concentrating on its history and theology, reflects on the movement’s development and significance throughout the world. Anderson also examines those theological issues that helped form a distinctive spirituality and how this relates to different peoples and their cultures. Finally, Anderson discusses the development of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in the different countries from its origins at the beginning of the twentieth century to its theological emphases in the present, together with the impact of the processes of globalization.

ISBN 0521532809 (pb); 0521825733 (hb).




African Reformation: African Initiated Christianity in the 20th Century. 2001, 282 pp, ISBN 0 86543 884 6

African Reformation:  African Initiated Christianity in the Twentieth Century
African Reformation provides an overview of African initiated/ independent churches (AICs) throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. It examines the emergence and growth of churches resulting from the interaction between Christianity and African pre-Christian religion. Concise histories, teachings, beliefs and practices of representative churches in different African countries are examined and analysed, from the earliest 'Ethiopian' and 'African' churches emerging at the end of the nineteenth century to the later, more prolific 'prophet-healing' and 'spiritual' or 'Spirit' churches (the main focus), and the 'new Pentecostal' or 'Charismatic' churches at the end of the twentieth century. For description of this book and ordering information, please click on the title above or the book cover illustration on the right.
Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, Trenton, NJ, 2001.  ISBN 0865438846



Zion and Pentecost: The Spirituality and Experience of Pentecostal and Zionist/Apostolic Churches in South Africa.  2000,  328 pp, ISBN 1 86888 143 1

Zion and Pentecost is a comprehensive study of churches based on cross-disciplinary field research and participant observation.  In the field of African Studies, the author's previous three books, Moya, Bazalwane and Tumelo, have an established international reputation, and this publication continues in this vein.   It is based on fieldwork done by Anderson in Soshanguve during the 1990s on the theme of accommodation and confrontation between the spirituality of the Pentecostal and Zionist churches and the African worldview. 
Published by University of South Africa Press, P O Box 392, 0003 Pretoria, South Africa.


Pentecostals After a Century: Global Perspectives on a Movement in Transition. JPTS Series 15. New York & London: Continuum (editor and author of three chapters, with Walter J Hollenweger) 1999. 226 pp, ISBN 1 84127 006 7

Pentecostals After a Century:  Global Perspectives on a Movement in Transition   Ed.  Allan Anderson and Walter J. Hollenweger
This book emerges from a consultation in June 1996 with Walter J. Hollenweger, acknowledged doyen of Pentecostal studies, held at Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham. Different perspectives are offered from scholars from five continents, emphasizing the increasingly non-Western nature of this rapidly growing Christian movement and the significance of its roots. Central challenges facing Pentecostalism after a century of existence include the central doctrine of Spirit baptism and its relationship to the 'supernatural', the political relevance of the movement in different parts of the world, the indigenisation and contextualization of the movement, and case studies from four continents.
Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1999  ISBN 1841270067



Tumelo: The Faith of African Pentecostals in South Africa (with Samuel Otwang), Pretoria: University of South Africa Press 1993. 182 pp, ISBN 0 86981 834 1

A study at grassroots level on African Pentecostal-type churches in South Africa. Quantitative research covers various churches, and includes statistics on church membership. The qualitative research undertaken covers particular church beliefs, concepts of evil, salvation, the Holy Spirit, healing practices, African traditional beliefs, burial practices and socio-political attitudes. The book also looks at aspects such as patterns of recruitment and growth, the reasons for leaving 'mission' or other churches; the worship and liturgy of the different types of African Pentecostal churches and the ways in which African Pentecostalism challenges the whole Christian church in its message and mission.

Item 1161 SA price R55,40 Other countries in Africa R68,60 Overseas US$11.40 or GB£7.40


Bazalwane: African Pentecostals in South Africa. Pretoria: University of South Africa Press, 1992. 171 pp (OUT OF PRINT), ISBN 0 86981 786 8

Note: Much of the material in this book is covered and updated in Zion and Pentecost (5 above)






Moya: The Holy Spirit in an African Context. Pretoria: University of South Africa Press 1991. 152 pp, ISBN 0 86981 693 4

Spirit-power in African theology: a mere extension of African magic or spirit powers? Or a genuine understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit as an active personal force? Allan Anderson takes issue with the theories of a number of prominent missiologists and anthropologists who have studied African pneumatology.

Item 1241 Soft cover SA price R56,00 Other countries in Africa R69,10 Overseas US$11.50 or GB£7.50


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