Some concordance lines for anniversary.  Notice the grammar of the English - the noun can also function adjectivally before another. 
 Centenary Prize to mark the 100th anniversary of the examination. <p> I was   
       of the London Library 150th Anniversary Appeal, gave an entertainment in 
    together in 1950, on the 200th anniversary of Bach's death. Nikolaeva       
  BBC video release of their 250th anniversary Messiah in Dublin has been       
     Vaclav Havel to mark the 30th anniversary. In small Czech towns most young 
 to be ready for next year's 500th anniversary of the Jubilee of Pope Alexander 
   own lifetime. In 1984, the 50th anniversary of his first championship, the   
stock. <p> Lipper Blue Danube 50th Anniversary Sale! Receive 2 place setting    
  My husband is observing the 60th anniversary of his graduation in <p> Law.    
      accustomed to living with an anniversary that can be marked only by       
    mother's rights, and the fifth anniversary of Section 28. It's `regayed"    
   comes one week before the first anniversary of the breaching of the Berlin   
Well, Blackbirds host their second anniversary birthday party this Staurday,    
   they had celebrated their tenth anniversary with a group of friends on       
     with St Patrick's Day and the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne       
    be taking to the stage for the anniversary event. But as Paul Anderson      
  to deliver to the nation. On the anniversary of mankind's greatest journey,   
 <p> <c> PHOTOS </c> The thirtieth anniversary of Edith Piaf's death will       
  hotel to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Fallon stopped off at the