Foreign institutions and names: since titles or labels for these will already exist in English, it is important to be able to identify these correctly.  Otherwise the confusion produced in the reader is the fault of the translator.

υπηρεσίες  this is a reference, in this context, to government departments.

Διεηνής Ένωση Κρουαζιερόπλοιων:  The International Council of Cruise Lines  ( appears to be the organisation referred to here.  Although the Greek is not a close correspondence, the ICCL is the sort of international organisation of high standing to which travel guidance would be communicated.

υπουργός εξωτερικών των ΗΠΑ.  US secretary of state (see for useful terminology, including travel warning = ταξιδιωτική οδηγία)

Αφγανιστάν:  spelling in English?